Semi permanent MASCARA starter kit / training



Brand flirties

Flirties now offers a new and fabulous range of semi permanent mascara products - the new craze!

Perfect for all those looking for that glam look with mascara but without the trouble and hassle of having to apply it each morning!

  • applied in less than 30 minutes
  • perfect glam look around the clock
  • no running mascara when it rains
  • perfect look on holiday and in the pool
  • no maintenance needed




Kit includes

1 x Bonding Agent (black)

1 x Micro Fibre 

1 x Gel Debonder

1 x Precision Point Tweezer

1 x 100 Microbrushes in a Dispenser

1 x Primer / Protein remover

1 x Eyewash

1 x Micropore Tape

10 x Under Eye Pads

10 x Mini Storage Tubs

1 x Oil Free Make Up Remover

1 x Pack of Client Record Cards

1 x Pack of Leaflets

1 x poster


  • Course fee also includes the non -refundable booking fee to secure your place on a chosen training date.