What is a licence? 
A licence grants you permission to work under the flirties brand in an agreed territory delivering selected training courses. It is your business, but with added support and knowledge of the flirties team – so you aren’t in business alone!

Will I be part of the flirties team? 
You will become an integral part of our flirties team which means you will be
encouraged to share your ideas with us on our courses and products, procedures,
offers and promotions. We will get together regularly with our business partners and value their input!

Do I have to be an educator to hold a licence? 
You can chose to be an educator and deliver the training courses yourself, but you can also operate as a Management Licensee and recruit a team of self-employed educators to deliver the training for you – build an academy and you run the day to day organisation and build the business through marketing and promotion.

What qualifications do I need? 
If you would prefer to be a Management Licensee you don’t need any formal
qualifications in the beauty industry, just great organisational skills, sales and
marketing and of course, experience in managing a team.

If you plan on delivering the training yourself as well as managing a team then you will need to be qualified in the treatment you wish to teach with flirties (* you may need some conversion training to learn our training style and delivery) and you will need to hold a valid teaching qualification. 

Do I need to give up my current job? 
This is a business in a box opportunity making working for yourself easy - we provide you with the knowledge, support and back up you need to grow your business as well as marketing support. All you need is passion, energy and focus and together we will make your business a success!

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