Our VIP Loyalty Reward scheme offers the following advantages
  • 10% discount via loyalty reward points (paid out annually based on your earning during the year) 
  • You can see points online for each product
  • You can see a summary of your earned points in your account
  • You can collect points on anything you buy (apart from delivery charges), so already with your starter kit / training or assessment you have made the first start of earning your discount and points will also be accumulated during offers and promotions so you can save double)
  • Your annual assessment every 12 months counts towards the earned points
  • We will design personalised logos/ images for you to use
    (must sign undertaking to use images)
  • You will receive a special badge for being a " flirties Pro"
  • You will receive printed marketing materials, like leaflets and posters foc
  • You will be listed on our finder map as a "flirties pro" who is 
    participating in ongoing training and skill development
  • Access to exclusive VIP offers
  • Access to ongoing support in the exclusive VIP group

Terms & conditions. 

  • Points are earned by purchasing goods from www.flirties.co.uk
  • Points are visible for each product and accumulated points are shown in the account overview when logged in.

    • Each £1 spent = 1 point earned
    • Points can be redeemed after a 12 months period under the following conditions:
      (Voucher for the equivalent earning will be issued automatically) 
    • Must be flirties trained and assessed annually
      Regular assessments must be taken in person for
      Semi permanent lash extensions and Volume lashes
      (first assessment can be taken after 6 months of qualification) 
      Assessments can be taken via case studies for
      Brow Design, Brow Sculpting, Brow extensions
      No assessments required for 
      Lash lifting, Tanning and Waxing
    • During the 12 months following initial training or assessment the VIP needs to:
    • adopt the techniques and procedures recommended by flirties 
    • spend minimum of £200 
    • order the essential product for the relevant range (as minimum requirement)
    • show upon request a copy of the therapist insurance
    • sign an undertaking for the use of images and logos

    • Each 10 points can be redeemed for £1 
    • Points can be redeemed on products, training courses or assessments
    • Points cannot be redeemed in conjunction with offers or promotions
    • Points cannot be redeemed on delivery charges
    • Points are valid for 12 months


If you prefer not to book  your regular assessment or you just want to order the odd item here and there you will still remain VIP but without the additional loyalty rewards. 
You can still enjoy:

  • being a flirties VIP without a minimum spend
  • no assessment required
  • access to the exclusive VIP support group and special offers
  • use of specially designed images (personalised to you) - undertaking required
  • being on our map as flirties trained therapist

All we ask is that you order the essential products for the relevant range min every 12 months, however if you prefer to use other brands or advertise these we reserve the right to remove you from the VIP scheme.