Express LASH EXTENSION starter kit / training



Brand flirties

If  you want to offer your clients lash extensions but you feel you do not have the time it takes to apply semi permanent lash extensions or your clients might prefer a quicker treatment then the Express lash application might be the perfect solution for you!. 

Unlike semi permanent lash extensions where one extension is applied to each natural lash (by isolating each lash) the express lash technique allows you to do a full set of lashes in less time without separating the lashes. Express lashes do not require any maintenance so  your clients can enjoy their lashes without having to come for infills, however it is recommended to remove /replace Express lashes after 2 weeks to avoid damage to the natural lash. 

Through use of the same essential products (primer/ adhesive / debonder / sealer) and synthetic mink lash extensions you can create a fuller and longer look but you can also bridge gaps in the natural lash line through different techniques. 

Learn how to apply these lashes and offer your clients a new and fabulous treatment they are going to love!

* 1 x Flirties SENSITIVE (odour and fumefree) adhesive
* 1 x Gel debonder
* 1 x Primer
* 1 x Clear sealant
* 1 x Precision point tweezers
* 1 x Dispenser with 100 micro brushes
* 20 x under eye pads 
* 1 x surgical tape
* 1 x sanitizer
* 1 x Eye wash
* 1 x Alcohol swabs (pack of 100)
* 1 x Jade stone
* 1 x pack of Glue rings (10)
* 50 x mascara wands
* 2 x trays of Flirties Mink lashes
* 1 x block of record cards

* Fully accredited training with one of our trainers.


  • Course fee also includes the non -refundable booking fee to secure your place on a chosen training date. 


If you click HERE you can see the upcoming and available training dates however you can also contact the TRAINER directly to find out more about other venues or dates.