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Donna Parker
The best light ever

Quick to reply to my many questions , amazing service , quick delivery .. so happy with my light will defo flirties again for future purchase x


I love this lamp ,I do have 1 more but whidout the phone holder. Amazing product and I love the light changing true remote control...really good lamp, I will definitely recommend! As you see I have too lamps..

Best light ever!

I’m obsessed with my Multimedia X, my picture quality has gone up so much since using it. The difference in my pictures is insane. Thank you Glamcor.

Tamara Tott
Previous version was lighter, stand was easier to hold in/out. The lights themselves are great!

I have upgraded my previous version to the media kit version. I must say the lights are great and I like that they come with the control, phone holder and the mirror, however I am a little disappointed with the stand for this model. It supposed to be an improved version, but I find that it is now shorter comparing to a previous model, which is not ideal for a makeup artist. The stand comes with 2 adjustable height sizes . The final part of the stand, that I believe, previously was much longer, on this version is a pointless 10 cm stub that never stays upright no matter how tight I twist the screw. This part is the one you set your lights on, but even on tightest setting it always falls back inside the stand and is rather annoying than helpful. Not sure if I have a faulty stand or they all are like this, but it gets on my nerves every time I need to adjust the height or move the stand as it just falls back inside.


Great product. I love the convenience of it being foldable and easy to store. The light shines ever so brightly. I would definitely repurchase from this brand.