INSPIRE Volume Tweezers by INSPIRE LASHES – flirties





These Rainbow plasma volume tweezers are perfect for pickup with all diameters. The diamond blasted tip ensures a great grip coupled with a very light tension to make sure your hands don't ache. Each pair tweezers is individually hand tested by Rachel to make sure that they can easily pick up even the smallest diameter lashes. This style is not ideal if you like to pickup at a 90 degree angle. To pick up successfully with this style I recommend angling them further away from you.


All tweezers are hand finished so there will be some slight variation in weight, tension and pick up point up point. 



Each pair of Volume tweezers is hand tested to ensure you are buying the highest quality product. You have a choice of which diameter you would like your tweezers to work best for whether it's just 0.07, perhaps 0.05 or maybe you want a pair of tweezers that can pickup all diameters including 0.03.

The ideal pick up point will vary depending on diameter and I would recommend that for smaller diameters that you pick up more centrally rather than towards the tip of the foot. This is purely because you will likely be making larger fans with smaller diameters but if your small diameter fans are narrow then the tip can work also.

Whilst the ''All Diameter' tweezers can be used for 0.07, 0.05 and 0.03 I would recommend that you only use them for the smallest diameter you like to use. This will ensure that the grip will stay perfect for the intended diameter.