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The kit includes training in one of our academies and everything else you need to get started.......

If you are serious about setting up your new venture of semi permanent eyelash extensions but money is an object when you are starting off then this fantastic Student Training kit offers you everything you need to get trained and certified as a lash therapist!.

Already the lashes included in this kit would allow you to around 50-75 full sets of lashes and with an average charge of £35-£120 per set you can calculate the true value of this kit!

It includes

  • Training and certification in one of our accredited training centres 
  • 1 x Pointed tweezer straight
  • 1 x Pointed tweezer angled
  • Medical Grade certified Lash Adhesives (SENSITIVE and EXPERT)
  • 1 x Gel debonder
  • 1 x Primer / Protein Removee
  • 50 x Mascara Wands
  • 100 x Microbrushes in a dispenser
  • 3 x trays of lashes (approx 10,000 lashes)
  • 1 x eyewash
  • 1 x Jade Stone
  • 1 x pack of glue rings (10)
  • 20 x Gel pads (10 pairs)
  • 1 x surgical tape
  • 1 x Nanomister
  • 1 x Pack of Client record cards
  • 1 x Training Manual
  • 1 x Marketing Manual
  • 1 x Pack of Leaflets
  • 1 x Poster

This kit does not only include 6000-10000 lashes which would be sufficient to do 50-75 full sets of lashes (and at an average price of £35 to £120 per set and an approximate cost value of £3-5 you can work out what income this could bring) but also all other items you require to offer this treatment to paying clients. 

Course fee also includes the non -refundable booking fee to secure your place on a chosen training date.


Please use the link below to choose the available dates and locations or contact the trainer for more details

Training dates Inverness

Training dates Glasgow 

Training dates North West of England

Training dates Midlands

Training dates Coleford/ Gloucestershire 

Training dates Devon 

Training dates Norfolk

Training Oxfordshire

Training dates Essex

Training dates Northern Ireland

Training dates Ireland 

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