Semi permanent MASCARA starter kit / training

£249.00 GBP


Brand flirties

Flirties now offers a new and fabulous range of semi permanent mascara products - the new craze!

Perfect for all those looking for that glam look with mascara but without the trouble and hassle of having to apply it each morning!

  • applied in less than 30 minutes
  • perfect glam look around the clock
  • no running mascara when it rains
  • perfect look on holiday and in the pool
  • no maintenance needed




Kit includes

1 x Bonding Agent (black)

1 x Micro Fibre 

1 x Gel Debonder

1 x Precision point tweezer

1 x Microbrushes (dispenser of 100)

1 x Primer

1 x Clear sealant

1 x Eyewash

1 x Surgical tape

20 x Under eye pads

10 x mini dispensing tubs

1 x block of record cards

1 x training manual

1 x marketing manual

1 x pack of leaflets

1 x poster


  • Course fee also includes the non -refundable booking fee to secure your place on a chosen training date. 

If you click HERE you can see the upcoming and available training dates however you can also contact the TRAINER directly to find out more about other venues or dates.