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If you are curious about lash enhancements but find the terminology a bit confusing please keep reading as we have put a quick guide to the different lash enhancements below to explain a bit more about the different treatments. ~~

Lash enhancements are exactly that…..ENHANCEMENTS which means they can only improve that natural lashes of your clients and whilst we try to do magic it doesn’t always work! it is important to tell your clients what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and what the outcome will be. Most clients will come to you with an unrealistic wishlist and the illusion that they will walk out with amazingly looking long and thick lashes even though their natural lashes are only fine, straight and sparse.

Lets cover the different treatments you can offer so you can advise which one might be the best for your client to achieve the look that is desired (or as near as possible)

I don’t want to go into too much detail as anybody offering these treatments should be well aware of health and safety, risks and contraindications but we cant emphasize enough how important patch testing is for all these treatments! Better safe than sorry!

Lash and brow tinting will colour brows and lashes and give the appearance of longer and fuller lashes (as all the fine and fair lashes and tips are coloured) this treatment does not damage the natural lashes and can be repeated regularly as the colour will fade over the next few weeks.

Semi permanent mascara is applied as a two component system to ensure flexibility with the consistency and desired look you offer your clients. A thinner mascara will give a more natural look while a thicker consistency will create a more dramatic look and can make lashes look thicker and longer as well as fuller!

The mascara is comfortable to wear and there is no maintenance required as it will wear off naturally but should be removed if a new set is to be applied! The mascara can be applied in black or be mixed with pearlescent shimmers and glitters for a glam look (looks nice and not too over the top)

Alternatively there is the option of a retail mascara which will offer clients the option to apply the mascara at home. This is a premixed mascara which will last 3-4 days and can be applied at home. (very popular retail item for salons along with waterbased mascara and eyelash and brow enhancer serum).

Strip or party lashes are ready made strips of lashes which are designed to be worn only one day (need to be removed at night). these can be applied by the salon but some clients manage to apply them at home for a night out. They can be easily removed and reused for the next night out.

Cluster or weekend lashes Are little clusters of lashes which are prebonded at the base to forma a cluster or W shape, generally with 6-8 lashes. These clusters are applied to the lash line and should only be worn for a weekend, but some clients manage up to a week when they need to be removed to avoid damage to the natural lash. To apply these you would use a special cluster lash adhesive to ensure client comfort and safety, which means the client can remove the lashes at home. Some salons use a mild professional adhesive which requires the therapist to remove the lashes. (client cannot remove this at home)

Express lashes Are single extensions which are applied over the natural lashes to give the appearance of longer, thicker and fuller lashes. With this method little gaps in the natural lash line can be bridged and even sparse lashes can be enhanced for a fuller look. The express lashes last up to 2 weeks and will then need to be removed by a therapist to avoid damage to the natural lash.

Semi permanent lash extensions Are single extensions which are applied to each individual natural lash which will create a very natural and balanced look but can also be filled in for a fuller and more dramatic look with extensions now ranging up 15mm in length and 0.25mm in thickness available in various curls to suit the natural lashes. The semi permanent lashes should be filled in every 2-3 weeks and can last up to 3 months with the correct aftercare.

Lash curve/lash lifting A way of reshaping the natural lash into a stronger curve for a longer and fuller look with more depth and giving the appearance of bigger eyes. this is very comfortable to wear (after all it is your natural lashes) and can last up to 6 weeks without maintenance. Combined with a colour boost this is a fantastic treatment and gives amazing and instant results.

In addition to these enhancements there is advanced techniques that will improve those treatments and give amazing and outstanding results and looks! A lot of these treatments can be combined to further enhance the outcome and if you are creative you will enjoy to transform your clients lashes!

To find out more about the treatments or if you are intrigued and would like to make a start as a therapist and offer this to your clients or set up your own business you can visit http://www.beautytrix.me or email beautytrix@beautytrix.me and we can help you get set up so you don’t have to worry about anything. The lash world is an amazing and creative place……be curious and find out more!

January 16, 2014 — Britta Krueger
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