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Stunning : )

I recently bought dd curl in 0.20 and they are gorgeous, jet black and lovely curl..simply stunning and really enhance the eyes..Love Love Love.


I would highly recommend this product - I've tried others and this is by far the best!

Ultimate Solution

It is the best ever glue I have ever seen and used can't recommend enough and certainly recommend to others.

Lash Adhesive (5g) - SENSITIVE / EXPERT / ULTRA - Select type
Carean Madin at Hawthorne Hair & Beauty

I’ve been around in the beauty industry for quite a while now and always trying new products & services but I havnt ever found another lash adhesive that beats Flirties for the below reasons.
1. Price.
2. Retention
3. Consistency
4. Low fumes
5. Wide Temp & humidity range
6. Expert help & guidance
7. Quick delivery and never out of stock

Does exactly what it states on the tin 👍💕

Camellia lashes ❤️

Love these lashes to work with for my hybrids or Russian . By far my fav so far.

Fingers crossed for boxes that have the 16 rows of one type of mixed length (hope this makes sense) so we can buy boxes of our favourite strip. This will allow for variations in length like shorter mixed lengths 6-7-8 and maybe 9-10-11 🤞 .

Really good for sensitive eyes

Has no fumes really good for my own eyes and clients that have sensitive eyes

A must have

Love this little mirror! Perfect for checking the lashes. Light weight and a very cute colour.

Best light ever!

I’m obsessed with my Multimedia X, my picture quality has gone up so much since using it. The difference in my pictures is insane. Thank you Glamcor.


This is highly recommended


This stand made such a difference for my small congested room. And it doesn't fall, the balance of it is perfect. Only con is the price, but I love it!

Very good lashes

I really like these lashes, they are dark and give a really full look. Will buy more

Very Pleased

Lovely soft brushes, look great, and like that they come in their own individual container. Will be buying more soon.

Previous version was lighter, stand was easier to hold in/out. The lights themselves are great!

I have upgraded my previous version to the media kit version. I must say the lights are great and I like that they come with the control, phone holder and the mirror, however I am a little disappointed with the stand for this model. It supposed to be an improved version, but I find that it is now shorter comparing to a previous model, which is not ideal for a makeup artist. The stand comes with 2 adjustable height sizes . The final part of the stand, that I believe, previously was much longer, on this version is a pointless 10 cm stub that never stays upright no matter how tight I twist the screw. This part is the one you set your lights on, but even on tightest setting it always falls back inside the stand and is rather annoying than helpful. Not sure if I have a faulty stand or they all are like this, but it gets on my nerves every time I need to adjust the height or move the stand as it just falls back inside.

Really good weight

I really like the weight of these tweezers, will buy more


I recently received my order of the expert adhesive and I’m very impressed the retention is amazing I definitely won’t be needing to try different brands anymore this brand is definitely for me


Love the new dual quick lift system, been using it for a while now & the results have been amazing 🥰.
I agree though it would be great to know when you’re nearing the end of the bottle 👍🏻.

Glamcor REVEAL
Louise Frimpong
Glamcor Reveal

Being a Lash Tech lighting is everything. It’s completely changed the way I lash you can see the tiniest baby hairs . So so happy wish I had invested sooner. No more eye strain!

BBs Lashes,

Using Flirties ultra glue the debonder works very well and very fast with removing lashes....
highly recommend,,

Glamcor ELITE X
kerry Crank

I bought the white and gold and wow it’s so pretty and so light but solid at the same time. Having the different levels of lighting will make such a difference. So glad I switched from a ring light.

Expert glue... WOW

I have been a lash tech now for 2 years and I've tried numerous lash glues, really well known brands too. I still wasn't getting along with them. I ended up doing intense research and started reading alot of forums and kept hearing about flirties expert glue. I decided to give it a go and honestly have never looked back! The retention i have is around 4 - 6 weeks. With the odd customer needing a 3 weekly infill. I just can't get enough of it and recommend it to all lash techs.

Amazing, please bring this duo out in full sizes....

Only down side is not knowing how much is left in bottle. But profits self is brill


Love your lashes x

Great eyelash glue

Have been using the expert glue for years, great value for money and a great quality product

The best service

Dark matter is the ultimate glue

best glue I have ever used!

I have been doing lashes for 3 years now and I can tell you I have tried soooo many hours. London Lash Pro, lash base etc all these big brands come no where close to this glue! My clients have had the best retention with this from classics to mega volume, their sets have been lasting up to 4weeks! Will definitely be buying more, I wish I discovered this brand earlier!