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Duo quick lift system

AMAZING! Fantastic products as always. I know my clients are going to love the results.

Excellent Organiser

Amazing will cut down treatment time so well as just have to pull out the tile of my choice and go! There will be no wire faffing around with lash strips before appointments ❤️

Very convenient and very reasonably priced compares to other products. Definitely recommend

Definitely helps lashes last longer.

Great and easy to use for clients, comes in a handy little bag too!


I received 2 colours and they are gorgeous. Very soft to touch ,beautifully fanning and very nice colours.

Good Product

Really safe to use and effective!

Picks up the lashes beautifully!

Best Shampoo

I give these to my clients as part of their after care and they love them! Greatly improves retention, clients say their lashes feel much fluffier after a wash too! Only downside is that it stings horrifically if you get the shampoo in your eye! I found that one sachet can get 3 washes, it's concentrated so you really don't need a lot; a penny sized amount will be enough for both eyes :)

Fabulous & perfect for the job

Great results as always and in less time than the old style lifting system. There was no horrid smell or wild colours and the lift was excellent which meant I had a happy client. Would recommend this product to any qualified lash lift tech.

Flirties ultra

Amazing retention from this adhesive, I’m not seeing most of my clients for at least 6 weeks for an infill , tried many adhesives but this one is at the top of the best to use !! Definitely recommend.

Amazing Adhesive

Best adhesive and great retention


Love the lashes so easy to work with

Amazing lashes

Great lashes. It has a strong curl. The lashes are really dark. Will buy again.

Great lashes

Great lashes and great curl. The packaging is cute too. Will defo buy more.

My favourite lash

These are my favourite brand of flat lashes however they are more expensive than most other flat lash brands. I am always looking for a cheaper alternative that resembles this lash, they are the best out there so far.

Colour lashes

I was hoping for a more visible colour , they look quite dull , I was hoping for wow!

Hi Justyna,

thank you so much for your feedback. The three tone lashes are pastel coloured and therefore really lovely and subtle. They can look amazing if you do a full set with them but if you are looking for a more dramatic colour we would recommend the full colour purple or blue which are more intense and give a fantastic splash of colour!


Great pads

Flirtie Adhesive

I have used ultra adhesive for a few years or more now but definitely wouldn’t swap to any other having tried numerous ones this is the best and good value for money

Great nifty tool!

Great little tool for measuring lashes so you keep the clients lashes healthy

Lash Adhesive

Amazing, will never use anything else again. Thank you!

Great glue!

Iv used flirties glue for 5 years now and it’s the best! Low fumes and long lasting retention love it!!

Wouldn’t be without it!

This light is a game changer! I get excited every time i unzip the case!! It’s light weight, durable at the same time. It’s every make up artists, lash technicians ’ vloggers dream! So many light combinations to choose from and the amazing thing is you can control the light with the handy remote control and save your own light combinations. It’s worth every penny!

Primer/protein remover pads/sealant

Absolutely amazing products! My retention has been amazing with these