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Fantastic product my clients love them with their aftercare advice

Excellent quality

1st time using any of the products and I’m massively impressed with all of my order. Top quality

Sensitive lash glue

My go to lash glue! Been using it for a few years now! And only have just discovered I can go across the bridge and get it instead of paying for postage!!! Yay!

My Feed back

Great glue but have had bad issues with it overflowing which then I loose so much glue. There’s no way of burping the glue as that makes it worse. The glue then dried up in the top so had to cut it as the pin 📌 no longer worked to create the whole for glue to come out. It’s a lot of money to have this problem. I won’t be buying again this brand. The retention was good but not the best.

Amazing quality really easy

These lashes really do make lashing so much easier. They look fantastic and are really great to work with. Highly recommend

Nail file
Melanie Fish
Nails file

So gentle on the nails when using this buffer file .x


Reliable excellent standard as always.
My go to x


Was difficult to change my fave glue to something else, but due to stopped imports from Russia had to pick other brand. I can say it is really good, fast dry super good retention. Highly recommend no faults!


After hearing such good reviews. I brought this new glue. I’ve only used it on around 5 clients so far but they have all said it stings. Which is such a shame because the glue is fast drying

Hi Katie,
Thank you so much for your feedback and we would love to help you get the same positive experience as all our other customers. An adhesive should never 'sting' if applied correctly so there could be a few reasons why your clients are feeling this. If you want to get in touch with some more details of your application and room conditions etc we can help you resolve this :)

Under Eye Gel pads
Hannah Williams
Under eye gel patches

These gel patches are the best I’ve used they stick really nice and dont lift. If you need to re adjust they go back down lovely.

Ellipse Brown Coloured Lashes

Oh yeah baby.
Just what my client needed.
Fab mascara effect.
Love love love.

best service and products!

I love the product .My customers love the fan


Very handy to have in eyelash extension kit for a back up if you’re having a hard day fanning but for me too expensive to use for a full volume set.

Hi Ami,
Thank you so much for your comment, this is very true. Premade fans are more expensive and also more restrictive than creating your own fans but they offer a quick solution for anyone new to volume lashing and the ability to create a volume set in the same time as a classic set offers a huge time saving so this makes up for the difference and some therapists prefer this as it allows for more clients in a day x

Great glue

Great glue, but international shipping through a carrier charges me an extra $30 on top of your fee… please go back to posting through the mail pleasssseee

Hi Sara,

Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it. We can ship orders via Airmail but the customs charges, import tax and duties would still apply so there might not be much of a difference to the courier handing fees but we can try it with your next order if you like?

Adhesive Storage bag

Lovely item

Great colour and quality, easy to pick off strip
without having backing adhesive.

Revolution X white/gold

So pleased that I invested in the beautiful light! Great service 😊


They look amazing lashes are very good quality, I am yet to try out the glue

flirties lash and brow cleanser sachets (choose pack size)


By far my favourite glue, customer service is amazing too. Gave me some free samples with my order, thank you.


I have been using this primer since i started my lash career and it is the best! Retention is really good


I’ve tried loads of ring lights from various brands on Amazon to ones from salon suppliers. This blows all of them out the water. It is simply amazing and I love the handy remote it comes with too! You will need an additional accessory from glamcor if you want to tilt the lamp for overhead work, but that is a small price to pay for such an amazing light. And this light is so sturdy. Zero risk of it toppling over. You can tell it is quality and well worth the money! Buy it!!

Great !

Protects the adhesive perfectly .