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Great Shields

These shields are really good just wondered if there might be any mileage in making an even smaller pair for those people with very small eyelids and droopy eyelids that shields never stays put on. Or there are some new ones that don't need adhesive to hold, so just wondered if there were any new materials that could be considered. Thank you again 😊

Peroxide (100ml)
Virginia Brooks
Fantastic Products

All flirties products are incredible I would highly recommend all of them 😊

SPEED UP Solutions
BBs Lashes,

Knowing you have treated your lashes before applying classics / volumes with the PH gives knowing your lash before is clean / strengthened give us lash tech more confidence.

Petagaye Grant
Very good buy

This is a nice size with a very clear display. Glad i bought it from flirties as it was also at a bargain price.
Few months later its still working as it should and i have not had to change the batteries yet or had an issues.
Definitely recommend.

Acrylic Brush
Petagaye Grant

I got it while it was on offer a d i can say I was able to do a beautiful and neat set of acrylics with this brush.
Definitely would recommend.

Eyebrow and eyelash tint, and peroxide activator

Easy to mix and apply. I like the light brown shade. Surprised that no directions for use were enclosed. Fortunately I have used similar products over many years and was able to guess, but anyone new to these products would be disadvantaged

Love these! Would love them to be on bigger boxes like the others and not small mixed ones!

Synthetic Mink D-Curl (EASY FAN)
Wendy Myers-Millington

I love the easy fans but do t need all the lengths I would like to buy individual lengths as I’m left with a lot of lashes I can’t use

Purple tweezer

Love these. Always perform so well. Fab tweezers.

Lash Adhesive (5g) - SENSITIVE/EXPERT/ULTRA - Select type
Moira Neilson
Best glue ⭐️

By far the best glue & lashes out there! Been using for years and occasionally I try other brands but go straight back to flirties

Essentials Pack for Lash extensions - SENSITIVE/EXPERT/ULTRA - Select type

Great products 😊

Lash cleanser duo

Clients and I love this. So gentle and effective at removing traces of makeup.

Brow tint

Go to tint. Always leaves an amazing tone.

NanoMist sprayer
Petagaye Grant
really nice touch to the end of a lash session

quality is good and so is the price. I would definitely recommend the nanomister.

Peroxide (100ml)
Alison Aldridge

The perfect addition to Flirties tint. Lasts so long as you only need a few drops. Wouldn’t use anything else.

Lash Adhesive (5g) - SENSITIVE/EXPERT/ULTRA - Select type
Alison Aldridge
Ultra adhesive.

By far the best adhesive I’ve used for easy application and for retention.

Lash Adhesive (5g) - SENSITIVE/EXPERT/ULTRA - Select type
Lisa Broad

Been using this glue since I trained with Flirties 8 years ago, would never change, it’s brilliant

Sensitive Adhesive

Absolutely amazing Adhesive! No fumes at all no stinging very good retaintion, lovely to work with. Thank you so much for my sample! Look no further this Adhesive honestly is the best and I've tried a fair few! Thank you once again.

Rachael x

Thank you so much Rachael, your feedback means so much to us and we are so pleased to hear that you love the product so much!

CC Curl .05

One of my staff ordered these and I’m now going to be stuck with them they are far to thin

Hi Sharon,

Thank you so much for your feedback. I can see that you ordered a tray of the promade fans with a CC curl and 0.05 lashes to try. They are the same thickness (0.05) as our our other lashes but prefanned on the strips for easier application. If you are looking for thicker lashes we also offer 0.07 but anything thicker would be too heavy for the natural lash and could cause damage.


Oh my!! These are fabulous. Lightest of touch needed. Very fine tip. Love them

Lash Adhesive (5g) - SENSITIVE/EXPERT/ULTRA - Select type

I used to use London lash glue and had serious issues with retention, then I switched to lash oasis and also had issues and the bottle would always get stuck. I can’t believe the difference in lash retention since using this product. It’s absolutely amazing! I always had one client after two weeks who had no lashes left, now she comes back with atleast half. I am over the moon. Been using it for about 4 months now and would never use a different glue!

Love this lash and eyebrow shampoo

Ordering was easy, delivery was pretty quick. I love this product. I will definitely be ordering more

Soft wax

Love this wax, great results first time, every time 😊

Nice Colours

i am very satisfied with the Color Lashes is very easy to work with them.
comparing with other firm that I tryd, I liket also that I bacame the Lashes in difrent size.


Purchased my final bottle ☹️ as the acrylic system that is accompanies for has been out of stock for months. Sent emails but no response.

Hi Kat thanks for your feedback and we are glad to hear that you love our acrylic nail system. As you know this system is being discontinued and I can see that we have previously contacted you with an offer to bulk buy to ensure that you can maintain your product supply but we sadly did not receive any reply