Does The Customer Always Know Best?

Does The Customer Always Know Best?

We've all heard the old adage about the customer knowing best, but is that really true?

As a professional who has gone through expert Flirties training, you will pretty much know all there is to know about brows, including what is on trend, what shapes can be made and, crucially, what shapes and colours suit each face.

As I walked around my home town today I was struck by the number of girls boasting thick black eyebrows that looked like they had been drawn on with permanent marker. It leads you to wonder whether this is the work of a less than talented therapist or whether that is exactly the look they were going for. So, what do you do when a client requests big black caterpillars adding to their face?

A simple flat refusal is unlikely to do the trick. They have made up their minds and know what they want, digging your heels in is not going to change that. Instead, you have to draw on your training and show them what a knowledgeable professional you are. Show them examples of shapes and colours that would really suit them, and explain how it would benefit their face.

You could also show them your retail items, such as the wonderful Flirties Brow Design Retail Kit, and explain how they can achieve different looks for different occasions. 

When faced with expertise and the understanding of what will make them look best, then it is likely you will change their minds, but still leave them feeling like it was their idea! If they still insist then it is up to you to decide whether you want your business associated with those brows!

June 22, 2017 by Louisa Fryatt
The Impact Of The Kardashian Effect

The Impact Of The Kardashian Effect

It seems the Kardashian empire is set to make a further foray into the beauty world. So, is this a good thing and what does it mean for you?

It was announced this week that Kim Kardashian will be launching her very own beauty range, following in the footsteps of little sister Kylie. Whilst a number of teenage girls cannot contain themselves at the news, many have asked whether this is a good thing for the beauty industry?

Details of the new Kardashian line are still sketchy but it seems set to be cosmetics based. What is unlikely to be released is who makes the products and are they any good? Celebrity brands are often based largely around the name, with the quality of the products being questionable. The products will sell well irrespectively as young girls live in hope of looking like their idol, but there is no substitute for professionally designed products.

The Flirties range of cosmetics have been thoroughly researched and developed to make sure they reach a standard that is worthy of professional treatments. For you to charge your clients for a make-up application or retail products with confidence, you need to be sure that the products you use are the very best they can be.

As a beauty therapist, you will see numerous celebrity endorsed brands come and go, but Flirties professional products will stand the test of time.

June 15, 2017 by Louisa Fryatt
A Pat On The Back

A Pat On The Back

We all like to know when we've done a good job, but how often do you leave feedback for others?

Do you get that little buzz of excitement when you see someone has posted a review for your business on Facebook? Do those five stars give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside? The answer is probably, yes, but when was the last time you posted a review?

Reviews don't just make people feel good, they help businesses to progress and move forwards. Your feedback not only lets people know when they are doing a good job, but also where they need to improve.

At Flirties, although we're sure you love our products, we do not rest on our laurels, and so we want to know what you think. To show our gratitude for any constructive feedback, we offer a £5 discount of your next order when you post a review on the Flirties website.

To claim your £5 just leave us a review, and if it is published you will receive a credit to your account.

May 25, 2017 by Louisa Fryatt
Staying Safe In Business

Staying Safe In Business

We all love a good bargain, but did you ever hear that old adage about something being too good to be true? There's a very good reason for it!

As a business owner you will probably be on the look out for a good deal to save on your overheads, and it can be tempting to look to far flung shores for a bargain on your products, but did you know the responsibility that comes with this?

Any product put on the market for sale or use in this country must have been put through rigourous safety testing and be registered by the Cosmetics Product Notification Panel (CPNP). This ensures that any UK or EU supplier is responsible for ensuring that the products they sell and you use are safe and legal. This gives you great peace of mind that your client is in safe hands and your insurance company will be happy that you are using the appropriate products.

However, as soon as you import a product from further afield which has not been tested and registered, you personally become responsible for ensuring the safety of that product. Even if you have only purchased one little tube of adhesive, the onus falls on you to make sure it is safe for use on your client. So do you have an extensive laboratory for testing those products? Can your in-house scientist vouch for the ingredients and their origins? Probably not!

In addition to the liability of ensuring your clients safety, your insurance is likely to be void as soon as you use illegal substances or products which have not been registered.

All of this means that by using products that are not registered, you risk the safety of your client and you could lose your business over any claim that is made against you.

To protect yourself and your client, you need to ensure that you only buy products from reputable suppliers within the EU, such as Flirties. All of Flirties products comply with the regulations, have been independently tested and are registered with the CPNP so you can rest assured that you are using products which are safe and reliable.

Don't take risks with the safety of your clients or your business. Stay safe, stay successful with Flirties.

Give Your Business A Lift

Give Your Business A Lift

We all need a little lift from time to time, and so do our lashes!

For centuries, women have been trying to improve their eyelashes to make the most of the natural beauty of their eyes. Even Cleopatra jumped on that bandwagon, so it no surprise that our clients still seek this lash perfection in their droves.

Traditionally, many people believe that improving the lashes means making them longer or darker. Whilst this is true, there is another trick to master: lash lifting!  The lash lift is not a perm, instead it lifts each lash to give the appearance of volume, and the effects are stunning!

The Flirties Lash Lifting system helps to maintain healthy and strong lashes and can be combined with a colour boost, semi-permanent mascara or even lash extensions. With conversion courses, starter kits and full training all available, you cannot afford to miss out. Take a look at our Lashes Page or call 0845 022 22 33 to find out more.

April 24, 2017 by Louisa Fryatt

"Imitation is the most sincere form of insecurity"

"Imitation is the most sincere form of insecurity" - Polly Bergen


In every industry, not just the beauty industry, there are people passing off others ideas as their own. It's so frustrating! 

So what can we do?

Well I've been in this boat myself, several times I've got myself wound up over these people who were copying my blogs or posting my pictures or page statuses as their own. 

Did getting angry or irritated stop them or help me?


In fact if you call these people out all it does is drive traffic to their website or pages and actually helps them to increase their own audience...remember no publicity is bad publicity.


I often hear the saying "If someone copies you, it means you are already ahead of them", so they are trying to play catch up with you, they are trying to be at your level, but you've been there and done that and now you are working on your next piece to continue on your own journey and to continue growing.


You have two choices when someone is imitating you:

  • Pause your own journey and focus your time, energy and strength on being angry and irritated at them and how you are going to stop them or get payback.
  • Use any emotions you are feeling to spur you on to be even better! Use that time and energy to fuel your business and elevate you even further ahead of this person.


The Problem with the first option is whilst you are on pause and consuming yourself with what this person is doing, you're own business is being held back and you're actually given the person a chance to get ahead of you which is the opposite of what you wanted!

The second option is always better. Block that person, unfollow them so they don't have the opportunity to get under your skin. Use your passion to launch your next idea! 


Sometimes this is easier said than done and I totally understand that it can get to the stage where it just can't be ignored. In these cases there are a few practical things that you can do.

Firstly, ALWAYS watermark your pictures. This doesn't always stop people using them but it does discourage them, especially if the logo is hard to crop or photoshop out.

Secondly, email and/or post them a letter to cease and desist from using your photos (or intellectual property which has its own laws).

There are templates for legal letters that you can buy online from Lawyers in the UK if you need help.

The key is to remain professional. As soon as you start to become emotionally charged you will be giving them your energy that you should be using on your own business.


Do not ever let someone who is copying you intimidate you, they wouldn't copy you if they didn't think you were worth copying. 

Believe it or not, you have inspired them, and if you approach it the right way you may even become friends and a mentor to them, this could be a positive to your business!


The main difference between you and this person is that you made your work with passion and creativity, and those are skills that can't ever be copied.

So go be creative, don't worry what others are doing, and as always continue to strive to be the best version of you.

April 21, 2017 by Michelle Ryan
Make Marketing Your Friend

Make Marketing Your Friend

You've undergone your training, perfected your techniques and bought all your products. So, how do you get those all important clients through the door?

The short answer to that is marketing. Whilst it seems a scary prospect, with the right brands behind you it can be easy to achieve.

When you choose Flirties for your lashes, brows, tanning, waxing or nails, you get a team of dedicated professionals to work with to help make your business a success. When you have completed your training, a Flirties trainer will be on-hand to offer support and advice, so you can be sure you are offering professional treatments, and if you are offering professional treatments then make sure you shout about it! Let your clients know that you offer the very highest standards and have trained with a reputable brand.

All Flirties students get access to free marketing materials including specially designed leaflets that will help to promote your business and demonstrate that you offer top quality products and treatments. To take this a step further, there is also now the option to order personalised logos and images to support your business further.

Flirties also offer access to VIP Facebook advice groups where you can reach Flirties trainers and therapists who are happy to share their knowledge and experience.

Flirties want to help make your business a success, so to find out more about how we can help you, call 0845 022 22 33 today!

Keeping It Professional

Keeping It Professional

When you opt for a new range of beauty products, you want one that will support your business. This means that the brand should be designed for salons in order to make your treatments stand out.

There are a huge range of beauty products available on the market these days, and whilst they all have their benefits, it doesn't mean you want to stock high street brands on your shelves. The purpose of a beauty salon is to provide unique treatments, expertise and a sense of something special, which is why you need to be working with a professional brand.

Flirties ensure that their products are only available to qualified professionals. Not only does this mean that you are properly trained to use the products, it also means that the brand, and your salon, is seen to be a cut above the consumer offerings.

Giving your clients something they cannot get at home means that your treatments are not de-valued, your retail products are not cheaper elsewhere and knowledge is vital.

To set up your Flirties account, click on the Registration page and fill in your details. We will ask to see copies of your certificates to help keep the brand professional-only.

March 30, 2017 by Louisa Fryatt
CHOOSING the right Training Course?

CHOOSING the right Training Course?

“Who should I train with??”

I’m a learner (we should never stop learning!) and so I want to share some things I’ve found on my own personal journey to help you decide.

Yes I am a trainer, but I have given my own honest unbiased opinion and I hope you will find this useful.
Before you decide who to do your lash course with (and this can be applied to any course) there are a few things you should first consider…

Cost: This is usually the most important factor for most of us when deciding who to train with.

Courses vary so much in price, but there is a reason for this.

Cheap courses seem like a great option, but usually they are cheap for a reason.

I have done cheap courses myself in the past and they are a false economy, I wasted so much time and money after and ended up retraining anyway.

“Pay cheap, pay twice”

My advice would be, save as much as you can to do the course you want rather than settling for what’s cheap at the time, just to get going.

Even if it’s going to take longer, it will save you time (and money!) in the long run…

* Location: it’s always handy to do a course on your doorstep. But there’s a whole wealth of knowledge out there!

An hour in the car could possibly give you access to training that is on a whole new level for not much difference in cost.

* Recommendations: It’s always good to get opinions from others who have trained with the company that you are looking into.

* The trainer: This will probably be one of the biggest factors to consider and is usually not even considered…

Have a chat with anyone that you consider training with.

Do they seem approachable?

Do you feel like you ‘click’?

It’s so important to have a rapport with your trainer, you will learn more if you feel comfortable speaking with them and you need to feel like you can contact them if you have any issues after the training.

* The trainer (part 2): There are some courses available where the trainer has never actually performed the treatment themselves!

Yes…it’s true sadly.

So asking to check out your trainers work isn’t rude or intrusive, it’s sensible. 

It’s so important for trainers to keep up to date with new techniques and this industry is evolving so fast that if she isn’t ever performing the treatment herself, how can she pass on the most advanced training to you?

Also, check out the quality of her own work, is it full of adhesive with thick criss-crossed lashes or is it clean, neat and fluffy looking?
 Big brand or independent company: 

This is actually irrelevant. One isn’t necessarily better than the other as there are good and bad versions of both, so you have to look deeper and check out the actual courses and trainers themselves.
 There are 2 types of both of these, the ones who are passionate about the treatments and they want to share their knowledge with you. These are the ones which will support you and will actually care about your future career in this treatment. They will also continue to support you after your course.
The other type are those who teach just to earn money. These will offer courses incredibly cheap to get in as many students as they can and will happily pass students even if they can’t do the treatment just to keep the pass rate high and students happy. They also tend to use poor quality products to keep kit prices down.
There are some amazing brands out there who offer fantastic training, but there are also brands who offer terrible training.

If you are going to train with a brand then you still need to consider the actual trainer you will have (see above) and the products they use (next point)

Never feel worried to question anything! A decent brand/trainer will happily answer as many questions as needed to make sure you are happy before you part with your money.

*Products: This is important.

If a company uses quality products I believe this reflects in the training.

So ask the trainer what brand they use then do your research and get feedback about the products.

Some will have varied opinions and others will be a definite “steer clear”!

After training you can usually use other products, but it’s still important that you train with quality products and here’s examples of why…

*Adhesive. There are so many adhesives available on the market, and you need to be aware of why certain adhesives work better in different conditions, how adhesives will change the way you work, and why poor quality adhesives won’t produce quality lashes and if your trainer is knowledgeable on this topic then they would only use a quality adhesive for training.

Also I’ve been made aware that some popular adhesives used in training are also not compliant to EU regulations which might mean they are potentially unsafe and that might affect the insurance.

*Lashes. If during training you are taught with poor quality lashes, it’s likely you will be limited to use thick lashes and Curls won’t even be an option.

The issue with this is that you won’t be taught lash styles, how different curls can change a whole look, hide imperfections and accentuate features.

With heavy thick lashes you won’t be taught how lash extensions need to be matched to natural lashes to keep them healthy and not overload the natural lash.

These are essential basics, without these you will not produce premium sets.
There are other pointers too which I may add later but I felt it was important to get this out there as I hear so often about poor training.

I have had poor training and also excellent training.

I’ve wasted a huge amount of time and money by booking on the wrong course so I wanted others to learn from my mistakes.

I go on courses regularly as there is always something new to learn and I spend a huge amount of money and time on them, but quality training is worth every penny.

As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me at Lashes by Michelle Ryan


March 30, 2017 by Michelle Ryan
Hayfever - is it already that time of year?

Hayfever - is it already that time of year?

Today I've had to bring out my antihistamines again for the 5th day in a row, which can only mean one thing...

With the weather being milder it's brought hayfever season forward.


Normally we don't have to think about this until springtime, but the issue is very real for us lash technicians.


Keep an eye out for broken lashes or gaps in the lash line. 

If lashes are broken it's not an early spring lash shed, it's a sign that clients are rubbing or picking at lashes, which could be a direct result of allergy or irritation.


During the time which clients suffer with hay fever, their immune system is weakened. 

This leaves clients more vulnerable to reactions and possible sensitivity to your lash products, so advise your clients about this.

If they want advice to help prevent reactions from occurring simply recommend a healthy diet, exercise and possibly supplements to boost their immune system (a pharmacist can advise them which is best).


It's always important to keep lashes super clean to aid retention and for the prevention of infections and disorders, however when clients have hay fever they will need to be even more frequent in cleaning lashes.

Pollen and allergens will settle on lashes aggravating any existing condition, so on top of washing lashes frequently with Flirties cleanser, they might find it useful to rinse lashes with warm water throughout the day, and dab gently with a clean towel to dry.


 If clients are using eye drops they need to ensure they pull the eye open from the lid, not the lashes.

Many medicated drops can be very oily so it's worth mentioning that these may affect retention.


Some aftercare tips I share to clients.

Wash your lashes regularly 

Start taking antihistamines before hay fever kicks in properly (speak to your pharmacist for advise)

Change pillows frequently and keep bed sheets and towels freshly laundered.

Wear sunglasses outside 

Wash hair frequently as pollen becomes trapped in hair.

Brush pets regularly outside as their fur collects pollen.

Do not rub your lashes

Be aware that some eye drops/sprays will affect retention.


For clients who suffer a lot, it may now be worth mentioning that they could move over to lash lift for the summer as an alternative. Many of my clients do this and it works really well, and they all get excited about going back to lash extensions in the autumn. 


So from our point of view, it's super important to be aware of issues surrounding hay fever. Many clients won't even tell you they have it, some might not know! But by being aware and ready for it, you could potentially prevent an issue before it becomes one :)

March 10, 2017 by Michelle Ryan