Even with waxing sometimes things go wrong so we have put some troubleshooting guides below to help you get the most out of your wax:

Check how you heat your wax

  • Depending on the wax you use you would heat it differently
    • Soft wax would have a honey like consistency. 
    • Stir for the right consistency

    • Hard wax should only be "dunked" and not stirred. 
    • At the right temperature the middle would still be a clump and only the outside is melted

    • Remember that the wax only needs to heat about 5 degrees above body temperature so it is comfortable for clients and there is no risk of burning
    • Check the temperature on your wrist before application
    • As the wax pot gets more empty you might have to recheck the temperature

Check your application

  • Ensure you apply a drop of pre/post wax oil before application
  • Stretch before applying the wax (no matter if hard or soft wax)
  • Apply pressure with the spatula while spreading the wax thinly
  • Always apply with the hairgrowth and remove against
  • Support the skin before removing so that the skin is pulled tight
  • Always pull parallel to the skin, never pull up into the air
  • Pull quickly and avoid tugging the skin
  • For longer strips pull in short steps, then support and pull again
  • Always wax in straight lines, never pull around the corner (knees for example)