If you are "lashing" without any problems then you don't need to read this or worry about any of these tips and tricks, however if things change or the adhesive is not behaving as it should then it is worth having a read to see if this trouble shooting guide helps! 

Things to check:

  • How is your adhesive stored?
    • Are you storing your adhesive in 20-24 degrees Celcius?
    • Are you storing your adhesive in 40-70% humidity?
    • Do not store the adhesive in a fridge or freezer as this can cause condensation and ruin your adhesive
    • Are you changing your storage bags regularly?
      It is recommended to change the storage bag with each adhesive. 
      Silicone has a greater ability to absorb moisture so if you are using other granules or rice you will need to change this more frequently

  • Do you shake the adhesive before use?
    • If the consistency does not seem right when you first dispense a drop check the temperature. Especially if the adhesive has been kept in an unheated room overnight it can mean that you need to warm it in your hand or trouser pocket for a few minutes 
    • Don't place the adhesive on a radiator or heater to speed this up as this can ruin your adhesive
    • Vigorously shake your adhesive for a few minutes. 
      It is best to time this as even 20 seconds will feel like  your arm is falling off but it wont be enough so watch the clock as you are shaking this. 
    • Dispense a drop onto your jade stone and if the consistency or colour does not seem right, ignore the first drop and go  with the following one. 

  • Still something not right? 
    • Check your room conditions when you are working
    • Keep the hygrometer near the adhesive
    • Check that the trolley is not near a radiator or a fan heater
    • If the drop of adhesive is forming a skin quickly this could mean that the humidity or temperature is too high
    • Dispense a new drop more regularly (do not add to the existing drop)
    • Cover your stone with aluminium foil as this can help
    • Dip the extension into the middle instead of the outside of the drop
    • By dipping and pulling out slow or quickly you can adjust the amount of adhesive you keep on the extension 
      • Pulling out fast will leave less adhesive on the lash
      • Pulling out slow will leave more adhesive on the lash

  • Lashes brushing off or retention issues
    • In most cases clients don't realise or admit to using products that could affect retention
    • If only one or selected clients are struggling, check in detail what you did on that day. 
      • Is this happening at a certain time? (first thing in the morning or later in the day when the heater is on?)
      • Was it a sunny day?
      • What were the conditions? 
      • Did you prime?
      • What aftercare is your client using? 
        Cleansing daily? Oil free make up remover? anti ageing creams? Moisturiser? Make up? Eye liner? 
      • What did your client do after the appointment? 
        Shower, steamroom, exercise, going out, swimming etc?
    • Which adhesive do you use? 
      • Using an adhesive that is too slow for you can cause "stickies" 
      • Using an adhesive that is too fast for you can mean that it starts to set before you can apply the extension to the natural lash
      • Especially in high temperatures if will seem like the adhesive isnt setting at all when in fact it has already set so you will get brush offs but the adhesive will remain "gummy"
      • If the humidity is too high for your technique the adhesive sets too quick and you will not get a good bond. 

  • Sensitivity to fumes?
    • Is this your clients first experience with lashes?
    • Is it a regular client but the first time this reaction occurs?
    • Where is the reaction? 
      • Is it swelling around the lid?
        This could indicate a reaction or singular extensions might be applied too close to the lid and irritating the skin 
      • Is it bloodshot eyes at the lower lid? 
        This could be rubbing from the tape or gel pads or your clients eyes not closing fully during the treatment
    • Does your client keep the eyes fully closed throughout the treatment? 
      • Clients should keep their eyes shut for a few minutes after the appointment
      • Check when you have applied the tape and pads that the eyes are not pulled too tight.
      • Flickering eyes can result in eyes not closing fully
      • Too much chatting can also cause this ;) 
    • Fumes are attracted to moisture so they will naturally be drawn to eyes, nose and mouth
      • Keep the jade stone further away from the head
      • If you work with a glue ring, try changing to a jade stone. Wearing a glue ring means that your face is near the adhesive all the time so if you are sensitive to the fumes then changing to a jade stone can help. 
    • Wear an appropriate mask 
      It is recommended to wear a filtered ffp3 mask as a minimum
    • Use a nanomister after the set
      • Fumes develop generally in the first 24 hours while the adhesive cures. By using a nanomister you can speed the curing time up and this will reduce the risk of any reaction. 
      • Alternatively you can wash the lashes with a cleanser after application. There is a risk that the adhesive will go brittle due to being shock cured but it can help clients who are sensitive.