Sometimes things don't go to plan and the treatment outcome is different to what we expect or to what we are used to. 

These are some troubleshooting guides to help you get the most out of your flirties products to achieve a good and reliable result each and every time:

My solution looks lighter, has anything changed?

  • If your solution has changed colour or you feel it looks different, but you have stored it as usual dont worry!
  • The base colour of step 1 and 2 is white and the colouring is only added to help you differentiate between the two steps so the colour itself has no effect on the solution and how it works but the following paragraphs might help! 

Check the shelf life of your products

  • Unopened the sachets and bottles should have about 12 months shelf life
  • Once open the sachets can last 2-3 days if stored correctly and if kept airtight
  • Once open the bottles can last 2-3 months if stored correctly and kept airtight
  • Keep an eye on the adhesive as it also has a shelf life and over time the consistency will become thicker. If left too long the adhesive might be too thick and create a barrier. 


Check  your room temperature

  • It is best to store the products at room temperature out of direct sunlight
  • In the winter it can get cold in some beauty rooms especially if they are unheated.
  • In the summer it can get too warm so keep an eye on the temperature 
  • Stir the solution before first use or if you are using sachets you can squish the sachet several times to mix the content and to ensure that the consistency is right

How do you dispense the products

  • Are you double dipping?
    • Always dispense a small amount onto a jade stone, in a glue ring or onto aluminium foil and then apply with your microbrush from there
    • Never use your microbrush to dip into the solution
  • How long is the solution open?
    • Always dispense the solution and close the lid immediately. (if using sachets seal quickly with sellotape or place in a storage container)


How do you place the shields

  • When placing the shields it is very important to place them close to the lash line
    • Placing them too far away means it could affect the lift
    • Placing them too close could pull the lashes downwards rather than lifting them

How do you lift the lashes?

  • It is important to lift the lashes in small sections onto the shield
  • Take care to align them straight and next to each other
  • Lashes that cross over or are placed at an angle will lift uneven
  • Use enough adhesive to keep the lashes on the shield but not too much adhesive to create a barrier for the solutions to work

How do you apply and remove the solution?

  • It is best to apply the solution to the natural lash by gently "working it into the lashes". If you just apply to the top the solution might not be as effective. Take care not to rub the lashes as they might detach from the shield
  • Only apply the solution to about 1/3 -1/2 of the natural lash. 
    • If applied too far up the tip the lash can become frizzy
    • If not applied far enough, the lift might not be strong enough to curve the lash upwards
  • When removing you can use a dry cotton bud to remove the excess solution. It is possible to remove the solution with a damp pad but be careful not to dissolve the adhesive as it is water soluble. 
  • Remove step 1 fully before applying step 2
    If any solution from step 1 remains on the lashes it could affect the lift outcome

Check your timings

  • It might seem like an unimportant part but it is one of the most crucial elements - TIMING!
  • Use a clock or s stop watch to time the development time
  • Both steps need to develop exactly the same time
  • Take a note when you apply the solution to the first eye and then again when you apply to the second eye. Even just a minute difference between the eyes can make a huge difference. 
  • You cannot determine the development time by looking at the lashes
    • Dark and strong lashes might lift easier
    • Light and thin lashes might need longer or vice versa
      (make a note on the record card so you know the timings)
    • Sometimes timings can change, even just small things like having a new bottle or having the bottle open for a few weeks can make a difference


The process of lifting the lashes is completed by step 1 and 2 and once both steps have been completed you can remove the tint with water. Water, make up remover or moisturisers cannot damage or "undo" the lift once the steps have been completed fully as the new hair structure is set. 

If lashes are dropping quickly after the appointment it would indicate that step 2 has not been left long enough to fix the new structure of the hair (remember to leave both steps on exactly the same time). 


In rare cases it is possible for lashes to continue lifting (this could be due to the timings or application process) but it is easy to rectify. Simply apply the solutions to the natural lashes leaving them to develop just 2 minutes while gently brushing through the lashes This will help to "relax" the lashes.