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Anyone who has tried our fabulous beBeau range knows how fantastic the formulation already is......but now it gets even better - with organic essential oils!

The fabulous bebeau range of hard and soft waxes as well as pre and post care products has been known for its high quality and effective use for years. Through years of working with various brands we have managed to continuously improve the formulation for even more benefits and easier use but now we have added another essential oils!

Both waxes (hard and soft wax / strip and non strip wax have been enhanced with organic essential oils to improve the application and effect even more so now the waxes offer:

  • low heating temperature (just above body temperature)
  • for comfortable application (no burning or heat sensation)
  • quicker setting times
  • thin application
  • for more economic use
  • for quick and effective application
  • anti irritant ingredients
  • very effective hair removal for
  • even fine and fair hair coarse and
  • short hair
  • neutral fragrance
All these advantages make it very easy and effective for you as a therapist, yet comfortable for your clients! Have a look at our website and see just how competitive bebeau is!
June 24, 2013 — Britta Krueger

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