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We all like to know when we've done a good job, but how often do you leave feedback for others?

Do you get that little buzz of excitement when you see someone has posted a review for your business on Facebook? Do those five stars give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside? The answer is probably, yes, but when was the last time you posted a review?

Reviews don't just make people feel good, they help businesses to progress and move forwards. Your feedback not only lets people know when they are doing a good job, but also where they need to improve.

At Flirties, although we're sure you love our products, we do not rest on our laurels, and so we want to know what you think. To show our gratitude for any constructive feedback, we offer a £5 discount of your next order when you post a review on the Flirties website.

To claim your £5 just leave us a review, and if it is published you will receive a credit to your account.

May 25, 2017 — Louisa Fryatt

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