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If you offer lash lifting (or want to start) then you might have seen numerous suggestions and assumptions which can be quite confusing so we will look at the most common ones and see what is fact and fiction!



1) You can't get the lashes wet
There is quite a few rumors that you cannot get the lashes wet for 24 hours following the lash lift treatment. 
If you look at the tradition of perming hair you would wrap the hair around curlers, use the perming lotion to break the natural structure of the hair, then apply the fixing lotion to set the new structure around the curler and once this has developed your curls will stay!
This is perming in a nutshell (there is obviously a complicated process behind this but this is a simplified version) and it is not dissimilar to lash lifting. We are using different "curlers", in our case we are using shields but the main process remains the same. Just like the hairdresser washes your perm out when it has developed, the same way you can remove your clients lifting and tinting products out once the structure is set and as you can imagine, water cannot change the structure!

2) Small shields are always best
It is a common misconception that small shields always give the strongest curl but the right shield size actually depends on the length of the natural lashes. If you use small shields with long natural lashes the curve will look unnatural and curl back into the lid so medium or even large shields should be used. Most clients are suitable for medium shields but if you have new clients or you are unsure it is best to measure the shield with the lashes first. 

3) The more solution you apply the better the lift
It is best to apply the solution only up to 1/3 - 1/2 of the natural lash to ensure full effectiveness while making sure that the lashes stay health. Applying the solution to high up on the natural lash can result in the lashes over processing and getting frizzy (the tips are much finer than the base of the lash). 

4) It does not matter how the lashes are applied on the shield
It is crucial that the lashes are applied straight and next to each other. You need to ensure that no lashes cross over and that the angle of the lashes on the shield is correct.

5) Systems with shorter development times are better
The shorter the development time of a system is the stronger the solutions have to be to achieve good and fast results. Sadly that can result in over processed lashes which can damage the natural lash over time.  







Please note that this information is based on the flirties products and experience with this and other brands. 
November 24, 2019 — Britta Krueger

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