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We all lead much busier lives these days, and it can make it difficult to keep organised.

Trying to juggle running a business with family life, social commitments and hobbies can feel like an impossible task. Finding the time to sit an re-order stock, book training or look for special offers can be tricky, and once you are home for the evening the last thing you want to do is get the laptop out.

Now Flirties have released an app that will make keeping up with your beauty supplies so much easier. You can now have the Flirties store at your fingertips alongside details of all the latest deals, loyalty cards and training courses.

Having all this on your phone or tablet means you can do everything you need quickly, easily and conveniently. Download the Flirties app today from the App Store or Google Play.

November 06, 2017 — Louisa Fryatt

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