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We all need a little lift from time to time, and so do our lashes!

For centuries, women have been trying to improve their eyelashes to make the most of the natural beauty of their eyes. Even Cleopatra jumped on that bandwagon, so it no surprise that our clients still seek this lash perfection in their droves.

Traditionally, many people believe that improving the lashes means making them longer or darker. Whilst this is true, there is another trick to master: lash lifting!  The lash lift is not a perm, instead it lifts each lash to give the appearance of volume, and the effects are stunning!

The Flirties Lash Lifting system helps to maintain healthy and strong lashes and can be combined with a colour boost, semi-permanent mascara or even lash extensions. With conversion courses, starter kits and full training all available, you cannot afford to miss out. Take a look at our Lashes Page or call 0845 022 22 33 to find out more.

April 24, 2017 — Louisa Fryatt

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