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Today I've had to bring out my antihistamines again for the 5th day in a row, which can only mean one thing...

With the weather being milder it's brought hayfever season forward.


Normally we don't have to think about this until springtime, but the issue is very real for us lash technicians.


Keep an eye out for broken lashes or gaps in the lash line. 

If lashes are broken it's not an early spring lash shed, it's a sign that clients are rubbing or picking at lashes, which could be a direct result of allergy or irritation.


During the time which clients suffer with hay fever, their immune system is weakened. 

This leaves clients more vulnerable to reactions and possible sensitivity to your lash products, so advise your clients about this.

If they want advice to help prevent reactions from occurring simply recommend a healthy diet, exercise and possibly supplements to boost their immune system (a pharmacist can advise them which is best).


It's always important to keep lashes super clean to aid retention and for the prevention of infections and disorders, however when clients have hay fever they will need to be even more frequent in cleaning lashes.

Pollen and allergens will settle on lashes aggravating any existing condition, so on top of washing lashes frequently with Flirties cleanser, they might find it useful to rinse lashes with warm water throughout the day, and dab gently with a clean towel to dry.


 If clients are using eye drops they need to ensure they pull the eye open from the lid, not the lashes.

Many medicated drops can be very oily so it's worth mentioning that these may affect retention.


Some aftercare tips I share to clients.

Wash your lashes regularly 

Start taking antihistamines before hay fever kicks in properly (speak to your pharmacist for advise)

Change pillows frequently and keep bed sheets and towels freshly laundered.

Wear sunglasses outside 

Wash hair frequently as pollen becomes trapped in hair.

Brush pets regularly outside as their fur collects pollen.

Do not rub your lashes

Be aware that some eye drops/sprays will affect retention.


For clients who suffer a lot, it may now be worth mentioning that they could move over to lash lift for the summer as an alternative. Many of my clients do this and it works really well, and they all get excited about going back to lash extensions in the autumn. 


So from our point of view, it's super important to be aware of issues surrounding hay fever. Many clients won't even tell you they have it, some might not know! But by being aware and ready for it, you could potentially prevent an issue before it becomes one :)

March 10, 2017 — Britta Krueger

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