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You put so much blood, sweat and tears into your business and we all know that pictures (especially before and after) are a brilliant way to advertise your business. 

So how can you take those beautiful pictures?


Here are a few pointers that can help you to improve the quality of your pictures and with good pictures you might even get featured by your suppliers or magazines! 


1) Don't zoom in
Whilst it is tempting to zoom in when you take a picture you are better taking the picture from close proximity and then cropping it afterwards (zooming reduces resolution and you want the pictures to be ultra crisp)

2) Lighting
Make sure you have ample lighting. Low light means a longer shutter time (even with smart phones) which in turn tends to make pictures blurry

3) Steady
Have a steady hand or rest your arm or wrist so that you can take a picture without shaking 

4) Plenty
Take plenty of pictures of before and after so that you can then choose which ones work best. If posting before and after pictures make sure the area and angle are the same. 

5) Video
Sometimes it can help to take a little video and just cut the picture that you need out of the clip

6) Open
If you are taking pictures of eyes you want your client to open the eye but not look into the camera. Get your client to focus on a fixed point (your forehead or hand). 
Try this little trick: Ask your client to keep the eyes closed and when you are ready say "open" and take a shot. This can give incredible pictures! 

7) Angle
Take care of the angle and avoid taking pictures from below, especially when you are showing lashes or brows as you inadvertently take a picture up your clients nose which is not a good look.

8) Collage
If you are trying to show before and after pictures it is best to do this in separate screens or just split the screen once. Collages of 3, 4 or more pictures look messy and you have to remember that most people see pictures on social media on their phones so the pictures would be really small and ineffective. 

9) Go large
Try and crop the picture so only the main area of focus is visible. For lashes it is the eye, for nails the fingers etc. Avoid cluttered shots of beauty couch with cupboards in the background etc

When you are happy post your picture with your watermark and aim at the same set up in all pictures for continuity (keep the angle the same and also the size and location of your watermark) 

And the last tip: Remember to tag your favourite supplier or the client so they get a chance to share or repost (avoid tagging all your suppliers as that often means that no one will share)


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