flirties now offers 5 different adhesives which are all popular for their characteristics. 
The Sensitive adhesive is the odour and fume free type and thus ideal for clients who may be sensitive or have reacted in the past. 

The EXPERT is faster setting for experienced therapists but remains tolerant of most room conditions. 

The CLEAR ULTRA is even faster setting but has recently become VERY popular for classic, volume and lash art work. 

The BLACK ULTRA is the fastest setting adhesive in the flirties family and also the thinnest consistency. Due to its setting speed this adhesive can be slightly more susceptible to temperature and humidity changes 

EXPERT and ULTRA adhesives can be used for classic or Volume work and are also suitable for the Express lash application. 



Lash shapes

Apart from the Curls, diameter and thickness there is also different lash shapes which might help with certain clients to achieve the desired look. 

Flat lashes are lashes that have a "squashed" base and can therefore look wider and give a fuller look but without the weight of a heavier lash. 
We use the Ellipse lashes as this shape does not collect excessive adhesive in the grooves and it also allows full flexibility when applying the extension without having to align this. 

Another curl that is often mistaken to be a shape are L curl lashes. These are straight bases which then curve into the respective curl so an LB lash would have a short straight base and then curve into the B curl. These lashes are ideal to be applied to short and stubby lashes and also perfect for hooded eyes. 



The nanomister can be used after you have finished the set of lashes to "shock" cure the adhesive. Higher humidity can speed the curing process up and by quickly misting the lashes this can help to cure the adhesive so that your client can resume "normal" life and it also helps to seal any fumes or odours in and can greatly benefit clients who may normally be sensitive to the adhesive. 



The primer is used as preparation before the lash enhancements are applied. Using a primer means that any natural oils or protein is removed from the lashes to allow a stronger bond with extensions or a better performance for lash lifts and other enhancements. 

Please dont confuse this with saline solution or other products as they cannot remove oil or grease (try cleaning a frying pan with salt water!)



 The sealant can be applied as a "top Coat" over classic lashes to protect the bond (the sealant is only applied to the bond and not all over). The sealant is unsuitable for volume lashes as this would close the fans.