If you are trained with flirties and want to take advantage of our loyalty scheme with 10% ongoing discount and other advantages then these are points you need to consider:

  • Flirties trained students can receive an ongoing discount on the essential products of the range they trained in. 
  • You will only receive discounts on the essential products of the range you qualify in, for example if you are trained with flirties in lash lifting you will receive a discount on the lash lift essential products but not waxing etc. 
  • To extend the ranges you can take part in a full training course or a conversion which will entitle you to discounts of that range as long as you are using the products. 
  • The loyalty scheme is only available as long as you are using the flirties essential or core products for that particular range. 
    • For lifting this includes
      3 lifting solutions, lift adhesive, shields
    • For lash extensions this includes
      adhesive, lash extensions, debonder and primer
    • For tinting this includes
      Tint and peroxide, stain remover, petroleum gel
    • For waxing this includes
      pre and post wax products as well as hard and soft wax
    • For tanning this includes
      spray tanning solutions
  • You are required to buy products as a minimum every 12 months (longer periods would mean that the products are out of date and cannot be used)
  • You must be subscribed to our newsletter to stay up to date with product updates and information regarding the products or treatments itself
  • You must not promote other brands online or in any of our groups or forums. 

If you are part of the loyalty scheme you can also get access to our exclusive VIP pages and support groups and you have the option to receive personalised images. For more information please contact us directly.