When you are starting out in your new venture into the world of beauty or you are wanting to add another string to your bow, you might wonder which course to choose?

With so many courses available now we wanted to share the favourites of our students. Each course has a short description and some pro's and con's but if you are unsure about anything or would like a chat, please let us know. 

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Lash lifting has become one of the most popular treatments in the last few years and for good reason! It is relatively quick and easy to learn, the initial investment is low, the profit margin is high and there is no maintenance for clients to worry about.

By lifting the natural lashes we curve them upwards in a similar procedure that we know from hair perms which gives the lashes a fuller and longer look especially if combined with a tint (colour boost) or semi permanent mascara.

Offering this treatment alongside any other lash enhancement does not cause conflict as some clients prefer a lash lift and others prefer lash extensions so it is personal choice and some clients even change between the two.




Semi permanent lash extensions is the application of single extensions to each natural lash in order to create a longer and fuller appearance. Regular infill appointments every 2-3 weeks are required to remove outgrown extensions and "top up" the lashes and to ensure the set remains full without damage to the natural lash. 

Whilst the initial outlay is relatively low and the profit margin is high, this treatment does require more patience and practice in order to learn this skill and master the tricky application, however it offers the option to further your career by advancing into the different volume lash techniques. 



 Once you have learned the art of classic semi permanent lash extensions the next step could be a venture into volume lashes. Premade fans are single lash extensions heat bonded into a fan (please don't use glue bonded fans as they are called cluster lashes and damaging to the natural lash if applied as volume). The fans are aligned in a lash tray ready for you to pickup and apply to each natural lash to create a fuller and darker look. Premade fans can range from 2 lashes (2D) upwards depending on the look your are trying to create and which weight the natural lash can safely carry. You will learn all this in a designated course for Premade volume application and some tutors also offer this as an add on to the classic lash application. 

Whilst this treatment is easier to learn than the following Russian or handmade volume, the cost of the premade fans is higher and you are limited with your styling and design to the fans which are available as premades. 



This is the true art of volume lashing and it requires dedication, passion and perseverance as it is a hard skill to master fully. Instead of using premade fans you pick up several lashes and create handmade fans which are then applied to each natural lash. Due to the nature of the volume lashes infill appointments are required every 3-4 weeks to maintain the lash health. 

As you create these fans by hand your options are endless and you can use different lengths, curls, colours or thicknesses in each fan and thus create truly bespoke and unique designs for your client and style the lashes so that they can even enhance or disguise certain features. 

Once you have mastered this skill you can further advance into lash art or also lash competitions which is a really exciting venture!



Being able to tint lashes and brows is an essential skill which can be used on its own as a simple lash or brow tint but it is also valuable for other treatments. If, for example used with lash extensions it will create a fuller look and it also helps to see the fine or fair lashes. Likewise a tint (colour boost) is often used as part of the lash lifting system and being able to tint brows is your first step into the more advanced treatment of brow design! 



Many clients now book their brow treatment alongside their lashes to complete the look (after all....unruly brows can ruin the look of beautiful lashes!)

The 7 step technique of precision brow design combines styling, tinting, waxing, tweezing, trimming, threading and make up in a unique way to create the desired look of ultra precision brows which your client can maintain at home. 

Whilst the initial outlay for this treatment tends to be a bit higher, it generally includes the retail package which allows you to sell those items to clients and earn more than your investment back quickly (it actually pays for itself) and you can then continue retailing the items to your clients in between appointments. 



This is another treatment that will compliment any lash or brow enhancements and especially if you are specialising in anything that will enhance the face then this could be a good addition to your portfolio.

It is a first step into waxing which makes it easier if you ever want to progress into waxing other parts or areas. Waxing is very lucrative and can quickly become the bread and butter of your business. 



Just like lash enhancements, gel polish on its own or over extensions (acrylic or gel see below) are amazing treatments which can easily earn your income, particularly if you make this your specialist area. 

Gel polish is hugely popular and offers good income potential with returning clients every 3-4 weeks for infill appointments and you will hardly find any beauty salon which does not offer gel polish as part of their range. 

The combination of gel polish with a dry manicure means that you can start from scratch without prior knowledge and you will be able to offer this to paying clients shortly after your training. 



These courses are perfect for those who are serious about nails (or want to be) and they will cover everything you need to know including theory, practice and removal or infills. Using forms you will learn to either use acrylic or fibre gel to strengthen and extend your clients nails which you can then finish with a gel polish design.

You will need a bit of practice to perfect your skills before you can take on paying clients but these treatments are so rewarding and offer endless options for you to shape and design your clients nails.