Whilst Spray tanning is one of the most quick and lucrative treatments there are still some things that can go wrong so here are some tips and tricks for you:

Tanning solution

  • Check how fresh your tanning solution is 
    • Unopened tanning solution tends to have a shelf life of about 12 months

    • Once open the solution should be used within 6 month
    • Storage conditions are important and it is best to store the solution in a dark and cool place, out of direct sunlight
    • Try and keep the solution as airtight as possible (the more you open and expose it to air the quicker the solution will deteriorate)

Green solution

It is a common misconception that "green" solution needs to be disposed off.
If your solution is turning green that generally indicates exposure to air and oxidisation which could result in shortened shelf life, however often you will see a green tinge around the lid or rim of the bottle and this is nothing to worry about as it is just the residue around the lid that is oxidising.


How much solution should I use?

For a full body application you will only need 30-50 ml at the most so you should get 22-25 full body tans out of a liter of solution. Any more you spray on your client may not be absorbed but start to run and the additional tanning solution on the skin can also give an orange tint so it is best to apply the recommended amount and no more.

My client wants to go ultra dark, can I double spray?

If you want to go darker it is best to top up the tan over several days leaving a minimum of 24 hours between each tan to build up the tan gradually. This way you can achieve a dark and deep tan without solution running or the tan turning orange. 

My tanning solution is runny

If the tanning solution is running you need to check
 * the amount of solution you are using (are you spraying too much?)
 * the distance (you should hold your spraygun  12-18 inches from the body)
 * the output (turn the gun down if you find too much solution is coming out)
 * if your client has applied any barriers beforehand (this could be moisturisers etc which prevent the tan from being absorbed)
 * if this is happening in the creases or fold areas your client might need to stretch to avoid solution collecting in those areas. 

The tan is going patchy

This could have to do with our output, try turning the gun down and then open it again with just half a turn at a time (best to to the couchroll test before spraying a client) 

You should also check if you are shaking your solution before use and how it was stored. If the solution has gotten cold it could be that crystals are stopping the gun spraying smoothly and you might have to clean out the gun completely and try again.