Flirties is considered as a well established, reputable and leading training provider and worldwide supplier of professional and high quality beauty products. We have a team of educators who all have to undergo regular assessments and training procedures in order to keep our students up to date with new product developments and techniques.

We have a strong belief that your initial training day with us is just the beginning. After your training day we work closely alongside you to support and mentor you during your case study period of development. This crucial time immediately post training is when you need guidance and advice as your skills develop with experience.

Once qualified the support continues, and your trainer will be on hand to answer questions and assist. We also invite you into our secret Facebook group – Flirties Lash VIP. This is a group which is only accessible to Flirties lash trained therapists. Within VIP you will be able to call upon the knowledge and experience of 15 Flirties trainers. You can also liaise with other Flirties therapists and we have lots of useful video tutorials and informative tuition posts to help expand your knowledge. VIP’s also benefit from exclusive discounts and offers and are the first to know about new products and courses – this gives you an edge over your competition.

Furthermore we pride ourselves in providing safe and reliable products which fully comply with current regulations in the EU as we believe it is important to ensure that the products you train with and those you use after being qualified are not only safe for you but also safe for your client. Complying with the regulations also means that your insurance will accept your certificate in order to cover you for the treatments you perform on paying clients. 

We believe in supporting our students and customers with an overall package that allows you to set up and run your business in a professional, safe and profitable manner that will earn you respect from your clients!