flirties CAMELLIA lashes



Brand flirties

The amazing and fantastic lashes are now available in a Strip tray for even easier picking and application.

The Camellia lashes offer a fantastic opportunity to have mixed lengths in one case, but unlike our usual mixed trays they have the different lengths in each strip. 
16 rows of lashes all aligned in 9/10/11/12/11/10/9/10/11 etc.....from short to long to short. This allows you to work on one strip for the different length of classic or volume lashes but it also allows a more natural look (feathered / Kardashian) for volume fans as you can pick up the different lengths in each fan. 

This case of mixed lengths offers you the possibility of having different lengths of the same curls and strength without having to buy a case for each length.

With the new and improved packaging we are able to fit 16 rows of lashes in  with mixed strips of lengths between 9-12 in each strip.