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The amazing and fantastic lashes are now available in a Strip tray for even easier picking and application.

These strip trays allow you to pick the extension and apply without having to pick them out of the tub and separate them thus saving you a lot of time which is essential for a quick technique of applying semi permanent lash extensions.

The Ellipse lashes offer a fantastic opportunity to create full sets for your clients even if they have weak or thin natural lashes as the flat base of the extension offers a much fuller look without adding the usual weight of a thicker extension. Another added benefit is that the flat base offers a bigger surface area to create a strong and long lasting bond between extension and natural lash. 

This case of mixed lengths offers you the possibility of having different lengths of the same curls and strength without having to buy a case for each length.

With the new and improved packaging we are able to fit 16 rows of lashes in which means you get two rows each of 8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15 to give you the perfect length for each client

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