flirties lash and brow cleanser sachets (pack of 20)

flirties lash and brow cleanser sachets (pack of 20)



Brand flirties

This fabulous makeup remover is ideal to remove any make up, mascara or other products from the eye area before the application of lash extensions and other eye enhancements. 

Clients can use the remover at home for daily makeup routine in order to ensure eye enhancements are cared for and not damaged. 

Perfect retail opportunity for all therapists to ensure that clients use the appropriate aftercare.

Please note that the cleanser is now also registered with the Vegan Society which is another huge selling point to your clients!

The cleanser is available


  • as a pack of 20 Sachets
    (please see separate listing for the foamer bottles)


To mix the cleanser in a foaming bottles simply empty the content of the sachet into the flirties foamer bottle and then top it up with distilled water. This will allow you to use the cleaner foam on your clients for their lash appointments. 
To retail simply offer the cleanser and foamer bottle to your clients (either at a charge or you can build the cost into your treatment price) so that your clients can make the solution up at home which should last 2-3 weeks and is the ideal amount for use 1-2 daily in between infill appointments. You can then retail the cleanser sachet as a refill item on each infill appointment. 

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