Essentials pack for Lash Lifting – flirties

Essentials pack for Lash Lifting



Brand flirties

Our 3 part lash lift system will help you get those stunning looking lashes but at the same time ensure that you are maintaining healthy and strong lashes, whether you use the system on its own or together with a colour boost, semi permanent mascara or lash extensions!


We recommend the following setting times for the lotions

10-15 minutes for the curving lotion

10-15 minutes for the fixing lotion

Nourishing lotion works as a leave in conditioner.

Available either as
* Essential pack with 

   * Lash lifting adhesive
   * pack of 10 shields each in small, medium and large
   * 1 each of the solutions in bottles OR
   * 1 pack with 10 sachets each 


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