Soft Wax (strip wax)

£9.95 GBP


Brand flirties

Years of experience have helped to develop this new generation of flexible wax to make it perfect for comfortable and effective hair removal at designated areas.

  • unique flexible texture
  • creamy consistency for no stringy application
  • can be applied at relative low temperature for better client comfort
  • remains flexible ans subtle on the skin
  • no hardening, no breaking or becoming brittle to give you all the time you need
  • developed for sensitive areas like face, underarms, and all intimate areas
  • refreshing fragrance of grape essence for a positive experience

The best just got better!

Available sizes 

  • Singe tub of 800ml soft wax
  • Pack of 6 x tubs (Buy 5 - Get 1 free offer)
  • Essentials pack including
    • 1 x tub of Soft wax
    • 1 x bag of Hard wax
    • 1 x cleanser/ toner
    • 1 x pre / post wax oil
    • 1 x After wax soothing lotion
  • Small 100ml tub to fit the baby heater