Are my products safe for eyelash extensions? - flirties

When you are offering lash extensions you want to make sure that they last,right? 
But how can you ensure this? 
Which products should you recommend or not recommend and what should you advise your clients to use?



You know that certain products can affect retention and we advise clients to avoid oil based products but how do you know if a product is suitable? 

Is a product automatically unsuitable if it contains oil or oily ingredients? 
Likewise, is it suitable if you cannot spot anything oily on the ingredients list? 

In a nutshell.....Can you tell by the list of ingredients if a product is suitable? 



The answer is NO!
You might spot certain ingredients as oily however in that particular product they will not affect retention. On the other hand a product might look safe and yet the combination of certain ingredients means that it might be unsuitable! 

So, how do you ensure that you recommend the best products that will not affect retention? 
Ask your supplier as those products have been specifically produced and tested for use with lash extensions and you and your clients will be safe knowing that they will not affect retention. 

The list includes makeup, makeup remover, cleanser, eyeliner, mascara but also items like cotton pads, wipes and certain tools and creams can affect the retention so check with your supplier which products should or should not be used. 

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