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Here is how to fill your diary....

Here is how to fill your diary....

We all love it when business rocks but what if it goes quiet and your diary is empty? 

Here are a few things you can do....
Start your career in beauty....where to start?

Start your career in beauty....where to start?

You have taken the first step in finding your true passion. 
You love beauty 
You have decided this is what you want to do 

You want to make the start and create your very own beauty business. 

So, where do you start?

If you look in the internet you will find endless courses, training classes and online tutoring ....but which one is best for you? 

Obviously you want to make sure you get the best training to help you off to a good start but with such an overwhelming choice it is hard to know what would suit you best! 


Traditionally college courses would be the best recommendation but over the years sadly a lot of the courses have not been kept up to date and the methods and techniques taught are quite dated. You are also in a class room with many other students which can be difficult if you really want to get stuck in and learn something. 

Look for independent trainers who have got a good reputation. Short classes or one day courses dont have to be bad as long as the content is good. More importantly look for aftercare. 

When you are learning something new it isn't always the initial day that is important but how well the tutor looks after you as you start doing the treatments on your own. 

* Do you get feedback
* Can you contact your trainer for support?
* Is there a group to help each other
* Does the trainer work with a brand who will back you up and help?
* What other advantages do you get? ie loyalty offers, VIP scheme etc

All these things will help you get a better feel for the trainer you are choosing. Keep your ears and eyes open and see if the trainer gets good feedback from those who have trained in the past!

There is lots of things you can do to see if a course is for you, and dont despair if your friends recommend something different......You need to do what is good for you and your new venture!


Is there a PERFECT product?

Is there a PERFECT product?

If you love your business and want to progress and get more out of it then you will probably be part of several groups on social media? 

The most frequent asked question is 

"what is the best adhesive"
....."best wax"....."best lashes" ...."best tan"......find out more...

10 things to avoid when wearing lash extensions

10 things to avoid when wearing lash extensions

These are some of the most common pitfalls when wearing lash extensions. 

Use this as a checklist to help your clients improve retention...
Lash aftercare (DO's and DONT's)

Lash aftercare (DO's and DONT's)

If you are looking to give your clients the best treatment outcome then it is important to provide advice and recommendations for aftercare. 
Patch testing YAY or NAY?

Patch testing YAY or NAY?

Patch testing has always been a well discussed subject amongst therapists, educators and those wanting to start their venture into the beauty industry. 
Let's have at the options, pro's and con's so that you can decide what is best for you, your business and your clients.
Be yourself and know your worth!

Be yourself and know your worth!

It is human nature to compare ourselves to others, it’s part of our natural instinct and evolution to want to be wary of possible competition and to compete against any possible threats according to Darwin’s evolutionary theory.... “survival of the fittest”. 

But we don’t need those primal instincts anymore! 
March 15, 2018 by Britta Krueger
Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

December is now just around the corner, which means that we are now heading towards Christmas at full throttle. Are you ready?

Whilst you may have given your Christmas shopping list some thought, how much consideration have you given to the wish lists of your clients? 

Christmas is big business for beauty salons, and you need to act quickly to make the most of this. The first thing that is likely to build up is the rate of bookings towards Christmas as people prepare for parties and the big day itself. They will be looking to get lashes, nails, waxing and tanning and your appointment diary will fill up fast (if it hasn't already). Make sure you are prepared for the Christmas rush by stocking up on treatment essentials, Christmas nail colours and plenty of glitter to make sure you can cater for all of your clients wishes.

When Christmas is on the horizon, treatments are not the only business that your salon can do. You are the perfect shopping destination for clients looking for gifts for mums, wives, sisters and daughters, so make the most of it!

Gift vouchers are an obvious place to start as these require very little outlay. You can offer them for particular treatments or for set amounts, so there is something to suit every bank balance.

You can also expand your retail offerings to cover everything from main gifts to stocking fillers. Sell individual items or package a few together to make your own gift sets at different price points. 

Christmas is the best time of the year to increase your retail sales without really trying, so get an eye-catching display set up and let your products sell themselves.

To get ready, stock up on all your essentials and gifts at or call 0845 022 22 33.

November 29, 2017 by Louisa Fryatt
Nailing Your Treatments

Nailing Your Treatments

When you look along any high street in the UK, you are sure to see a nail bar. Nails are now big business and are a trend that looks set to last. So, are you missing out?

Unlike many beauty treatments, nails appeal to a full range of clients from young to old. Many women, and a few men, take great pride in their nails and are always on the lookout for a technician who can offer the services and products they need.

Flirties understands the importance of working with a brand you can trust and we have now brought out our own special range of gel polishes. These amazing products are easy to work with and come in 90 different colours including holographic, mirror and temperature changing polishes, so there is sure to be something to suit every one of your clients.

To celebrate the launch of our gel polish training ,we are offering a fantastic 20% discount on all nail products, training and accessories. The offer is open until midnight on the 28th July 2017 so you need to hurry!

July 25, 2017 by Louisa Fryatt
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