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It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others, it’s part of our natural instinct and evolution to want to be wary of possible competition and to compete against any possible threats according to Darwin’s evolutionary theory.... “survival of the fittest”.

But we don’t need those primal instincts anymore!

So we have to actually teach ourselves to stop these behaviours as rather than helping us to survive, they can actually be what is holding us back.

Let me just say, there’s IS enough work out there for everyone.

I work from home and I live in a tiny close at the end of an estate. There are 5 other therapists who live off of my road.
Am I concerned?
Because we all have different skill sets, we all have different favourite treatments, we all have different personalities and that means we appeal to different people, and that’s great!

YOU are your unique selling point,
YOU are the reason people come to you!

I could start offering only cluster lashes and 75% of my clients would still come to me, because we have an amazing relationship now. In fact it happened when I stopped doing nails for a while, they all asked what treatment can they have with me instead!

That didn’t happen overnight, it took a loooong time and perseverance, but it’s only because I gave up trying to be miss perfect therapist with my best uniform, full make up, perfect hair, professional set up, ‘telephone voice’ in real life (yep!) and actually relaxed and started being myself. I don’t wear make up, I have mum bun, I wear slippers, and I own the fact that I’m really an idiot at times because I’m so scatty, because it’s exhausting pretending I’m not! Yes some people never come back as they prefer the highly professional salon and I don’t blame them, so would I! Haha But the rest stay, they are MY PEOPLE and we click....and we laugh together lots!!! I’m not saying be a dizzy mess (it’s not a good selling point) but OWN who you are and make sure you approach your work with passion and enjoyment, because people love honest, genuine and happy and you can only be that if you ignore what everyone else is doing and (wait for the corny line...)

March 15, 2018 — Britta Krueger

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