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If you are offering lash enhancements and in particular lash extensions to your clients you have probably experienced this:

You take great care to look after your clients BUT the odd client might just be too sensitive? Especially at this time of year there seems to be more reactions than normal and there is a reason for this.

Here is what you can do to help those clients:




1) First of all, take the time to do a patch test to ensure that your client is suitable for the treatment. A patch test is a minuscule version of the treatment to ensure that there is no severe reaction to any of the products you are using. 

2) If your client is suitable for the treatment but sensitive during the treatment you need to check if it is possibly the under eye gel pads or tape that might be causing the discomfort

3) If your client enjoys the treatment but has bloodshot eyes immediately after the treatment it could be that they eyes have not been fully closed during the treatment. 
Yes this does happen especially when clients talk a lot during the application and there is also some clients who cannot fully close their eyes so double check if this is the case. 

4) If this is generally all fine but your clients notice a slight reaction after the treatment then it could be a slight sensitivity to any of the products or the fumes that develop as the adhesive cures. 
The most logic thing would be to change the adhesive to a SENSITIVE adhesive which is odour and fumefree and is specially designed to help clients who might experience a slight reaction. 

5) You might also want to consider a clear adhesive (there is a clear SENSITIVE adhesive) so you can rule out any reaction to the colour in the black version. 

6) Check your room conditions. At this time of the year reactions happen more often and in a lot of cases this is due to the lower temperature and humidity which in turn means your adhesive is setting slower and thus any fumes might linger longer so by increasing your temperature slightly you might find that everything goes back to normal. 
We recommend 20-24 degrees for handling AND storage but especially in the colder months it is CRUCIAL that you maintain a constant temperature within that range (17 degrees wont be enough and you will also risk poor retention) 

7) Another option would be to use a nanomister immediately after the application. The ultra fine mist helps to cure the adhesive faster and thus eliminates any fumes which has proven to be particularly good for sensitive clients. You can also wash the lashes with the lash and brow cleanser shampoo which helps to speed cure the adhesive and helps sensitive clients. 


Please bear in mind though that this is only suitable for a mild reaction or slight sensitivity. Any clients who have a reaction or allergy might not be suitable for this treatment as repeated exposure would further increase of a reaction and ignoring the symptoms might pose a risk to your client so be safe and act responsibly in the interest of your client. 

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