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You are ready to take that exciting step and set up on your own? 
You have found your passion in beauty and want to take it further? 
You want to turn your dream into reality and be your own boss? 
You have decided to leave your job and start on your own? 

WOW! Isn’t that such an exciting time? 
Well, you are probably a bit scared and nervous too? 
This is totally normal and it all adds to the butterflies! 
Most of us haven't got endless funds to throw money at a new salon
(don't you wish you had the money to do that?)

Well, sometimes it is actually better to start small and then build your business from scratch, make all the mistakes so that you can learn all the lessons along the way. 
Imagine spent all that money for the beautiful salon only to find out the layout, the style or decor, the location or size are not right for you and your business? 
That would be an awfully expensive lesson to learn, wouldn't it? 
So let's start small and then go big!
Where do you start? 
First of all you will need a space for your treatments. One that works for you and your clients. 
No, there is no perfect solution and no BEST set up and there isn't anything that will suit everyone either. Be creative and try and think what would work best for YOU and your clients as this is all that matters. Don't worry what others say!
There is different options and we can have a look at those scenarios to try and help you what is best for YOU
Have you got a spare room at home?
If you do, that is fantastic! 
A lot of therapists start off that way and it is actually nice to work from home. You are fully flexible with your time and you can also “multitask” ie have the washing machine running while you look after clients or if you have a gap in between you can do some chores around the house or just sit in the garden with a cuppa and enjoy your break!

Sounds good so far? 

It can be! 
You just need to make sure you keep your business and work separate and create clear boundaries which is harder when you work from home. Stick to your schedule so that it does not affect your family or private life and try and keep rooms of your house private. 

The more space you have the easier it will be but even in a smaller house of flat is is possible and it also depends how you feel about it. 

Some therapists are happy to be open and share their private life with clients too but if you like your privacy, keep other rooms closed (you might need to give access to a toilet or bathroom) but you could keep kitchen, bedroom and lounge out of bounds. 
Don't have a spare room?

You can change one of your other rooms by using a room divider or just pop up your couch, nail table or spray tan tent  when your clients come and in the other times you have the place all to yourself. 
But what if you don't like the idea of having clients at home and prefer to keep your privacy? 
Then how about this? 

Do you have space in the garden? Could you put a log cabin up or do you have a garage you could convert? 

That way you will still get the advantage of working from home but your clients don't have to come into the house so you keep your privacy and it keeps the business a bit more separate. 
Do you have only a small garden or no space for this idea either?
Ok, if these options fail then how about going mobile?
Even here you have a few different options......

You could either use your car, put your beauty case and all the equipment you need in the boot and zoom off to appointments to offer treatments to your clients in the comfort of their own home. 
This would mean you will keep your flexibility and you don't have clients at home and you also don't have the expenditure of a salon so you are saving money, however it is really important with this option to get your pricing right! 
It is a common misconception that mobile beauty is cheaper but it is wrong! 
You are offering a premium service so you need to charge extra for mileage, tear and wear on your car and of course the extra time that it takes to drive from A-B.

Don't underestimate this as a even just a 10 minute journey with setting up and taking things out the car and back easily ends up as double or triple the time AND you need to factor in possible traffic jams or hold ups too!
Another idea that takes the word “mobile” to the extreme is using a camper van! 
Yup, we have seen it a few times now and it is a fantastic idea as it is a home salon on wheels. Literally convert a mobile home or even van or trailer (depending what you need). If you use a mobile home you will have the advantage of heating, water and generally a good set up but that does not mean that other options cannot be done with a bit of creativity!

An ideal scenario is, if you can target business centres or industrial estates where you can take on a few clients without having to move the van in between each appointment. 

It is also easier to build up a growing client base as word can spread that you are at a certain location on a specific day and you will be surprised how quickly word of mouth will spread! (check with your local council for any requirements)
If all of these don't tickle your fancy then you have another option.....
Rent a room in a salon which is a first step towards the salon environment and it will help you gain valuable experience and an insight how it is to work in a salon. 
Most salons will offer a room or chair hire or have nail desks available part time or full time. If it is part time you could build up your own clientele in your spare time, but please check if the salon has got any restrictions as you want to respect this and you don't want to be seen to poach clients! 
You have different options as you can pay a flat rent for a chair or room in a salon which means you use your own products and find your own clients. Other set ups are a bit more involved as the salon might book clients for you, do the advertising etc but in return they might request for you to use their products. Others will have a profit share set up and each option will obviously have different rates so you have to see what is available and what would suit you best. 
There is so many options to choose from and there is probably a lot more if you are innovative and creative so sit down with a pen and paper and write down your ideal scenario and try and imagine which options would work for you!
We are always curious to hear more so feel free to send us ideas or pictures of your set up and we might even feature you in one of our stories! 
May 10, 2019 — Britta Krueger

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