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Have you got what it takes to run your own business? 
Are you in a job you hate? 
Do you want to set up on your own? 
Dream of being your own boss? 
Being in full control? 
Having the freedom and flexibility to do it "your" way? 

Sounds like  you are ready to make a start! 
How to be successfull. Skills to set up and run a beauty business #flirties #beauty #businesscoach
Here is a list of skills you should have in order to make the most of your business:

Hated it in school?
Where here is news...you cant get away from it!
Whilst you don't need to be a whizz kid you still need some basic understanding so that you can do some calculations, work out cost and sale prices, calculate your margins and decide if certain investments are worth it. 

Don't laugh! Of course you speak English otherwise you would not be reading this! 
Still, you need the ability to write appropriate documents, be it putting together a business plan, a presentation, letters to suppliers or customers or working on marketing materials. 
You want to make a good impression and typos, incorrect grammar or poorly formulated ads wont earn you brownie points!
Having a basic understanding of computers and modern technology certainly helps. Whilst you don't need to programme computers it will make your life a lot easier if you can find your way around installing a printer or application, connecting apps or other (more or less) easy tasks like booking system or autoresponders for emails or texts to your clients. 
Have you got what it takes to run a beauty business?
Yes, part of running a business is also marketing. 
Marketing your business
Marketing your service or treatments
Marketing yourself 
It is all intertwined and connected but if you can get your teeth into it, then its fun!
Most likely you will have this one covered as everyone owns a smartphone nowadays and if you are comfortable with Facebook, pinterest or Instagram as well as twitter or YouTube then you are onto a winner! You dont need to be a perfectionist but if you can find your way around these apps then you can always build on this. 
I know that most of you hate this part and you dont have to know a lot but you need to be able to see if things are working out for you and how well. You can work with an accountant to help with the tax returns but it helps if you know enough to have a conversation with your accountant about your business so that you can take on any advice or help you get offered. 
Yes, you guessed it!
This comes as part of the package as things always come at once. Clients ring when you are dropping the kids off at school, the postman comes just as you settle your first client on the couch etc. You need to think quick on your feet and react appropriately to ensure that everything is running smoothly
As always in life things never go to plan. Clients come early or take longer, kids get the flue, you drop your tweezers or a delivery arrives late or broken. This is life! Keep a cool head and work your way around it. Try and prepare and prevent as much as you can by having enough stock, sticking to your booking schedule and not cramming your day too full and then things should work well!
You can't sit on your laurels even if things are going well. You need to stay on the ball and offer your clients new treatments, products or procedures. It is important to stay up to date and continuously improve what you are doing. Stay on the look out for opportunities, new methods and keep an eye and ear out for latest craze you could offer your clients
Learn what you need to run a successful beauty business
When things dont go according to plan you need to find out why and what you can do to prevent it next time. Sometimes when things change or dont work it is far too easy to throw the towel in and give up (whether it is giving up on a treatment or product) but our advice is to stick with it. Try and investigate why things have changed or what is different and you will be rewarded with more reliable results and a lot more experience to deal with these things in the future. (PS sometimes you do need a magnifying glass to find the culprit)
Whilst you dont need to reinvent the wheel there is still a lot of little things that you can create that will make your life easier. This could be the lighting in your room, your set up, the couch height, any tools or equipment you use and how you use them, even wall storage or how you organise your products. All these things can make a difference to how you work, how quick you are and also how much you enjoy working (if everything is a hassle it is hardly enjoyable!)
Of course you will also need skill and expertise in the field you are working in. 
If you are offering nail enhancements you should be qualified and confident in the application or if you are offering lash treatments you need the relevant qualifications in order to offer this. 
It is great to have experience but that will come with time. Over the years you will build up knowhow and experience and you will learn from your mistakes. 
Things often dont happen overnight so you need a bit of patience. Some things simply cannot be rushed and just remember "good things come to those who wait!. 

Without true passion and dedication you will not enjoy your job very long, however if you truly love what you do you will enjoy every day and no challenge or hurdle will be too much for you!
As you are working closely with your clients on a daily basis you need to be a good listener but you also need to know how to not get involved in every subject. Some clients will happily tell you all the minor details of their live and you need to make sure you stay professional and respect their privacy. It is also important to know how to deal with difficult situations as some clients might be going through difficult times and may be looking for a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to. 
You might think that this is quite some list and you dont have to know it all. You just need to know someone who can do all of this, but it will help you to have an understanding in all these things especially when you are starting your business as you might have to do some (if not all) of these tasks yourself at the beginning but dont be nervous.....you will actually enjoy them and find it exciting so it is something to look forward to!
May 14, 2019 — Britta Krueger

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