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Get a tan on!
Aren't we lucky to have such gorgeous weather?
With temperatures rising we want to shorten the sleeves, wear a skirt or shorts BUT aren’t the legs just TOO WHITE to show? 
Rather than bake on a sun bed or try and catch some rays in the garden there is a much easier and quicker solution! 
Get a spray tan!
For all those of you who have a salon or beauty business it is also good news! 
Sunbeds are quite an investment and take some time to earn their money back (including maintenance requirements etc) but a spray tan is quick and easy to do and also offers a great profit margin!
If you are qualified you know that it only takes 10 minutes to spray a client and the results are so graphic!
Not only does a tan look fabulous but it also makes you feel soooooo much better! 
To help you get started with us we are now offering the fabulous organic tan in ONE SHOT bottles of 50ml. This means you dont have to buy a 1 litre bottle that might go to waste if you are not busy with tans but you can open a fresh one for each client. 
It also means you can have different percentages at hand to cater for all your clients! 
How fantastic is that!?
Furthermore, if you are qualified but have not tried our tan you can request a sample so you can see just how fabulous this tan is!

May 14, 2019 — Britta Krueger

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