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Giving Academies a New Year Boost

Running a training academy is a fantastic way to impart your knowledge and to introduce a new generation of therapists to an amazing career in beauty therapy. However, putting together courses, sourcing high quality products and starter kits, finding students and teaching the classes can be a lot of hard work, so partnering with Flirties is the perfect solution for you and your students.
Our incredible range of products have been designed to allow established and brand new beauty academies to offer professional, in-depth recognised courses from the day they open their doors. Working with a reputable and well-known brand can help to increase your visibility and give you all the foundations that you need to offer a terrific education.
So, what do you get out of working with Flirties?
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New Students
One of the biggest challenges that any beauty academy can face is to get new students through the door. There is a lot of competition out there and it can be hard to make your school stand out from the rest. Flirties already have a massive presence in the industry and can help drive new learners in your direction.
When students come directly to us, we refer them on to our training schools depending on where they are in the UK, giving you a steady flow of new leads. We also actively help to promote you by featuring you on our social media platforms, which gives you exposure to thousands of followers.
As lovers of the beauty world, we understand that there is a lot of knowledge out there, and lots of things to talk about, which is why we also give you the chance to contribute to some of our blogs, posts and newsletters.
These all give you great opportunities to get your business seen and enjoy a steady flow of new students who want to learn with you.
Amazing Products
At Flirties, we have spent years working on developing industry leading products. We are incredibly proud of what we offer, and we know that students, schools and trained therapists all love using them. We want you to be able to include them in your training academy, which is why we offer discounts on our products, kits and our awesome Glamcor lights. These discounts can be used alongside our other volume discounts and special offers, meaning that you can benefit from some great savings.
When offering courses, it is always useful to be able to provide starter kits for your students. The Flirties starter kits include everything that your students will need, which is why we offer reduced prices on these too. You can then be confident that your learners have all the products and tools that they will need on the day as well as for performing case studies and treatments independently.
We know that your students will love the Flirties products that they use with you, and so we also provide an affiliate scheme to allow you to profit when they buy from us – after all, it’s you that introduced them to us!
New products are always exciting, and we want to give you the opportunity to get to know them before your students get to try them. That is why our academies get to be the first to try our new releases and see for themselves how amazing they are.
Working with Flirties is the perfect way to boost your training business. You will be fully supported and get the opportunity to fill your course dates and your bank account. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to find out more.
February 07, 2022 — Britta Krueger

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