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Brow enhancements have become more and more popular and nowadays there are hardly any therapists who don't offer one brow treatment or the other - either alone or as an add on. 

If you want a treatment that compliments your lash or other beauty business then have a look at a brow treatment as more and more clients ask for this!

We have listed the most popular brow enhancements below to help you understand the difference between the treatments but please remember that you can also combine the treatments to create the ultimate brow! 



Lash and brow tinting is such an easy treatment and is often seen as an add on BUT it is an essential part to any lash & brow business. 
Lash tinting can give fantastic results but as we are focusing on brows it is worth mentioning that the tint can make or break a good brow design. 
Not only can you match your clients natural brow colour by mixing the perfect paste but you can also stain the skin which is a very valuable characteristic when it comes to precision brow design no matter whether you offer this on its own or as part of the brow lamination (see below)


Many of you are very aware of lash lifting and you might already be offering this in your salon or as part of your treatment portfolio but now you can also lift brows! 

Yes, this treatment is fabulous for downward growing or unruly brows and just like the lash lift it can transform the eye area and create a lift and brighter and younger look.

Some products are just designed for lash lifting and others are specific for brow lifting / lamination BUT there are also duo systems which allow you to use the same products for lash lifting AND brow lamination which offers you a huge advantage as you have less outlay and the risk of product waste is a lot lower. 


This treatment is hardly used now as others are more popular but sculped brows were created with ultra fine application tools and a mixture of a bonding agent and pigmented powders that were applied in hairstrokes to create the appearance of natural hairs. The longevity is relatively short and most clients (especially those with oily skin) found that the brow design only lasted a week to 2 weeks and especially with use of makeup, removers, exfoliants etc the time was shortened. 


This treatment was very popular but has also faded now. The use of straight and short extensions (similar to lash extensions) was used to create a natural brow look and the extensions could be used to fill in existing brows or create bespoke brows for those clients with sparse or no natural brow hair.
Semi permanent make up has taken over from Sculpting and Brow extensions but these were the perfect solution to try a brow design before making it permanent.


 A steady hand is key to the ultra precision brow line and you can create that very sharp look with just a few simple steps that will transform the brow design to "precision" which will create brows on fleek!
The honey like texture of the soft wax is ideal to create a precision brow line while the hard wax is used to wax sensitive and facial hairs. 


As with every treatment, retail items are a very important part. Not only do they help your clients to maintain the desired look at home and in between appointments but they also help you to boost your turnover and profit margin. Most suppliers and brands will have a range to compliment the treatment and it is well worth investing in this if you want to offer your clients the full package AND you want to maximise your income potential. 

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