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Are you panicking yet?


“Oh my gosh my business is going to be ruined!!” 


I’ve heard this sooo much since Mark Zuckerberg posted his status about changing the way Facebook is used to connect people and everyone is freaking out!


So how will the changes affect you and should you start applying for another job?


When I saw the post myself, my first thought was excitement!

Yes it’s true that Facebook is undergoing some massive changes but these changes have already been happening progressively over the last year.


Lots of people have noticed a drop in their page reach and many are resorting to paying more and more to boost posts.

Does this mean your reach will whittle away and it will cost you a fortune to get any newsfeed space at all?

Not if you are doing what Facebook asks and I quote “...find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful interactions”


But if you only use your page as a platform to push your wares then yup, you’re out of luck.


Have you already noticed your reach isn’t great and your posts don’t seem to get the same traffic as they used to?


Well, a quote which I love (not sure who said it originally ) “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” which is a bit of a play on the great Albert Einstein’s quote “insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


If your page isn’t working for you then you need to change it!

Sorry to give you this piece of relationship advice, but it’s not Facebook, it’s you. (ouch)


Nowhere on the post did Mark suggest he was going to stop business pages from doing what they do. He just said he will be encouraging meaningful interactions, and that’s the key take away from this.

If your page is targeting the right people for you, and you are creating great content and meaningful relationships with people then your page will continue to thrive.


The reason I’m so excited (and Facebook is a huge part of my business) is because Facebook will penalise adverts.


No more spammy posts, yay!


So people who constantly hard push and just post what they are trying to sell will notice a huge drop in their reach. 

I did a video on our Flirties VIP group recently about how to improve your Facebook page and one of the main points is that no one goes onto social media to read adverts. Who scrolls through eBay or gumtree when they wake up in the morning?


I get so frustrated seeing the constant overcrowding from mlm companies, because they base their business on the hard sell.

And now thanks to these great changes these awful posts will be wiped out of the way and leave space for the stuff we all actually WANT to see.


What about our groups?

Well groups can be a brilliant tool IF used correctly.

Don’t randomly add everyone to a group without their permission! It’s just rude!

And don’t use it as another platform to spam! 

Treat it like a friendly group chat, make discussions, build relationships, enjoy the community feel of it.


On the flip side of this, it also means we may stop seeing the things we ourselves find interesting, so if you love to read posts from a page or group, then make sure you interact with them regularly so you continue to see them, otherwise they will disappear from your feed.

After all, Facebook is a SOCIAL media platform, so be social!


Key things to take from this are:


  • If you have engaging and interesting posts, happy days, you’re onto a winner!
  • If you only spam your page with adds, then you either need to evolve and adapt, or look into other platforms or different ways of selling.
  • Groups are great, if used correctly.
  • Don’t post unless you have something worth posting! Several posts a day with no real content value will negatively impact you.
  • Interact with pages and groups which you enjoy so you continue to see them.
  • Start a discussion, build a relationship, interact and enjoy the experience!


Key words to remember when deciding on content for your Facebook marketing:










I hope you all have found this useful, please contact me if you have any feedback on this post at michelle@flirties.co.uk


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Here is the link to the original post from Mark Zuckerberg if you would like to see it...



Thanks for reading!

January 17, 2018 — Britta Krueger

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