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Who else gets really excited when they open a fresh bottle of adhesive??

Well here’s a couple of tips to help keep it fresh.

When you get a new adhesive, always write the date on the bottle so you know when you need to replace it.

Make sure you have some moisture absorbing beads to keep it fresher for longer, but remember these need replacing with each new adhesive as well to keep them absorbent.

The ones I order from flirties have a label on the front so I write the date on there, seal up my adhesive and then pop it in a sealed airtight jar and I find my adhesive is good for 6-8 weeks and that’s with regular daily opening.

Make sure you keep your adhesive in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.
I work in a conservatory so I bring my adhesive into the house when I’m not working as the room gets warm in the day but the temperature drops a lot and night, and these big changes in temperature will spoil your adhesive.
If you’re mobile be careful not to leave it in your car.

When you use your adhesive for the first time, ensure you give it a really good shake before use, around 5 minutes, as it may have settled during transit.
Always shake for at least a minute before every subsequent use.

Remember your adhesive is so important to your work, it’s worth spending that extra bit of time and care making sure it’s kept in perfect condition.

Here’s a link to the moisture absorbing beads in case you want to add them to your next order.

Happy Lashing!
Michelle x
February 02, 2018 — Britta Krueger

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