Holiday Lashes - flirties

Holiday season is upon us and the last thing we want to worry about on holiday is mascara running down our faces, so lashes are the perfect solution!


But how do we look after them whilst we are away?


Swimming - Yes you CAN swim whilst wearing lash extensions, in fact the chlorine can help keep them clean so can actually help your lash retention. 

If you are going to a water park however you will need to be careful that you don’t get blasted in the face with water, so goggles could be handy at this point!


Saunas/steam rooms - Avoid for the first 48hrs and then only visit for short periods as the heat will affect your lashes.


Sun lotions - The majority of lotions are oily which isn’t great for lashes, however it is crucial to protect your precious skin from harmful UV rays, so you should never scrimp on skin protection at all.

Instead make sure you rinse your face and lashes regularly throughout the day and reapply lotion straight after.

There are also lots of moisturisers, creams and foundations which contain spf so using a combination of these with sun lotion can give you increased protection but with less exposure of oily products on your lashes.


Sweat/perspiration - if you’re going somewhere hot and sunny, or action packed, then I’m afraid the glow is inevitable. And whilst you may not notice it, we do tend to perspire from our forehead, brow and lids.

Sweat itself can be terrible for breaking down adhesive, but if you also have sun lotion on it has a double impact for drawing lotion towards your eyes.

So, like with the sun lotion tip, rinse your face regularly with warm water (or jump in the pool) but also blotting paper dabbed on the lid and brow area regularly can really aid your lash retention, so it’s worth stocking up on these from your local chemist or beauty store.


If you are away for a few weeks, it would be worth keeping the length down on your lashes, not only will this help them last longer but they will appear fuller for longer too.


And finally, don’t stress about your lashes and have an amazing holiday! 

May 22, 2018 — Britta Krueger

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