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In our latest Meet The Trainer fix, we say hello to Jillian Macnab.

Where are you based?
Inverness, and Glasgow every 4 weeks.

When did you first enter the beauty industry?
2012 with lashes and tanning.

What made you become a trainer?
I chose great training but also poor training when I first started out and felt there was a gap in our area for good quality, branded training. When I saw the post looking for a trainer in north of Scotland applied for it. I had used Flirties products and was really impressed with the quality of them and customer service so knew it was a great brand.

In my previous role as a store manager one of my main strengths was engaging and training the teams and felt this would help with training.

What treatments are your favourites?
Lashes, especially volume lashes.

What courses do you offer?
Classic lash extensions, volume lash extensions, lash lift, semi permanent mascara, lash and brow tinting and shaping, precision brows, 3d brow sculpt, brow extensions, beginners waxing, facial tinting and waxing and spray tanning.

What one piece of advice would you give someone who is starting out in the beauty industry?
Research - research your training, your client base, booking system, pricing, HMRC, how to work Facebook etc. Spend time researching these as this will help make it all fall into place and easier starting out.

What treatments do you enjoy having done yourself?
Lashes! And a good massage after doing lots of lashes!

What is next for you?
I have just opened up a new salon and trying to establish a new team of therapists starting out and I have started my permanent make up training too. I would also like to do more training with other lash artists. Learning never stops!

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May 23, 2018 — Louisa Fryatt

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