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We have all been there....... we want a successful business but when it does take off we are chasing our tail and don't know what to do first.....

Read what you can do to make sure you are totally relaxed even when it gets busy.....


 If you have started your own business then you know there is so many things to do to get the ball rolling and obviously you want to grow your business and take on lots of clients to fill your diary. 

But what if things don't go according to plan? 
What if there is hiccups? 
How do you deal with these issues?
How can you prevent chaos and stress? 

Here are a few pointers that might help you get prepared and organised so that you can keep your feet up and chill even when things get hectic! 

  • Plan your diary with gaps
    Leave yourself enough time for a cuppa or a sandwich as you will need a breather and the opportunity to get up and stretch or even a few minutes to reply to messages or check your phone. 

    Booking yourself back to back is tempting as you want to fill your day and earn as much money as possible but you will need a few minutes here and there. 

    Leaving a few minutes between appointments also means you can get the room or couch ready for the next client without panicking and just imagine if you have a client where you will need an extra 5 minutes because the treatment took a bit longer..........How would that affect the rest of your day if you do not have any buffers? 
    You will have clients backing up and you will probably get more stressed as the day goes on! 

  • Stick to your diary
    No matter how busy you are clients will still ask if you can fit them in and especially before and after holidays it can be quite challenging to say NO to clients who want you to book them in before or after your day. "Surely you can take me after your last client?" or "could you not work on Sunday?"

    It is obviously entirely up to you if you want to surrender to this but over time you will pay for it..... working 7 days a week, long hours and no breaks can be VERY tiring and it can also kill the passion you have for your business. 

    You will need some time away from work and you also need to see something else other than your beauty room so stick to your guns!

  • Organise yourself
    You want to help all clients, reply immediately and book every minute of your day. You want to check your diary, post on social media and do promotions and marketing AS WELL as looking after your clients. 

    Sometimes it will feel as if there is not enough time in the day so choose wisely! 
    There is various things you can do to make your life easier for example online booking systems, auto responders by email or messenger, dedicated times where you do reply (switch the phone off at night), set times aside for marketing and admin work and schedule your posts so you dont have to think about it every day. These are just little things that will help you relax knowing you have it all under control

  • Plan ahead
    Things will always go wrong no matter how much we try to be on the ball but if you are busy with treatments the last thing you want is to open your drawer to find out you have run out of products. 

    This is extremely stressful especially when you are fully booked and it is very easy to avoid by taking a few minutes each week to check your stock and order items well in advance. 

    Most companies offer fast delivery times HOWEVER things still go wrong.....accident on a motorway, missed trunk, traffic jam or a broken down truck can cause a delay with your parcel so you dont want to leave it to the last minute. 

    Most products have a long shelf life so it is better to order in time and have spare stock so you dont need to stress about ordering last minute and panicking if the courier will come in time before your appointment. 

    These are just a few things but they will help you enormously to stay fully relaxed even when it is busy so you can enjoy your work and keep the passion flowing! 



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June 07, 2019 — Britta Krueger

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