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You have seen this symbol #?

You have heard of hashtags but don't know how to best use them to your advantage? Read on to find out how hashtags can boost your business and get you free advertising! 



Hashtags are a fantastic way of searching for particular names, brands or subjects on social media. Especially Instagram and Pinterest have got an extensive use for these. 

So how do you use them? 

First of all think about your post and what the main subject is, for example lash extensions, beauty treatments etc. 

Then have a look at linked hashtags like #longlashes #russianvolume #browsonfleek #lashesonpoint  which can attract interest. 

Depending on the treatment you are offering it will be worth mentioning the brand or product you are using #primer #lashserum #flirties etc. 
You obviously cannot mention ALL the products and brands but if you want support from your brands or suppliers then either tag them @flirtieshq or hashtag them #flirties. 

This brings me onto the other side of the story.....
How can you search by hashtags? 
If you go to instagram for example you can go to the search and look for people, tags or places. This is how brands can see who tagged them so, if you mention a brand in your posts they can then find your post and share or like it. 

We fully support our customers and search for the flirties tag or hashtag regularly. You can take advantage of being seen by all our followers if your post gets liked or shared. 

Here is what NOT to do......

So if tagging and hastagging brands gives you exposure then surely it is ok to hashtag all the names and brands that come to mind? Surely that way they will all share your pictures and your profile will go through the roof? 

If you use tags or hashtags randomly and mention all brands you can think off (especially if they are all competing brands) it becomes obvious that you are not brand loyal and probably not using any of the brands but just tagging them to take advantage of their name. Chances are that the brands wont pay attention to your posts as they are not genuine. 

It is better to show your loyalty to a brand and support them by mentioning their products or name and in return the brands will like, share, follow and repost for you which will bring you much more credentials!


Be wise and choose carefully! 


PS there is also some other things you need to consider when posting to instagram and pinterest to allow your posts to be shared but we will cover this in a different blog. 

June 06, 2019 — Britta Krueger

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