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3 simple ways to keep your lash services on point during this heat spell!


During this lovely weather there’s been a lot of discussion online about adhesive quickly turning “gloopy” “stringy” “watery” “going thick” or being “too thin” and usually it’s a very simple reason.


So let me explain how to keep your lash service on point.

  1. Room conditions.
  • If your room is too hot, adhesive will thicken quickly. It will cure at the same speed or even faster due to relative humidity but stay “soft’ or ‘sticky’ for longer, giving the impression that it’s setting slowly.
  • If your humidity is too high your adhesive will set too soon causing your lashes to ‘brush off’ during service.
  • If your humidity is too low the adhesive won’t set quick enough, meaning bonds will be disturbed and become weak, and again will ‘brush off’ during service (or you will notice you get more stickies).
  • If your temperature is too warm this will have the most impact on your adhesive so try to keep it down within your manufacturers guidelines.


So what can you do?

  • You ideally need a hygrometer. This simple tool will measure your conditions so that if you are having problems you can get a better idea of what’s happening.
  • Taking notes of your temperature and humidity on your client record cards gives you a reference if they suddenly have retention issues.

Pop along to our community where we can support you with this.


  • If your issues are more longer term than our 3 day British summer, then you may want to invest in a Humidifier/dehumidifier or an Air con unit to help control your conditions.
  • A Fan is really useful, because although it doesn’t cool the air, it helps to circulate air if combined with other air cooling or humidity devices.


  1. Application.

Adjusting your application slightly can improve the most frustrating adhesive issues.

So here are a few simple steps to combat temperature issues.


  • Use a slower setting adhesive. If your adhesive is usually super fast and thin, by choosing a slightly thicker, slower adhesive it will be much easier to use and adjust.
  • Shake your adhesive thoroughly before each use.
  • When opening a new bottle or one that’s been sitting unused, dispense a tiny amount of adhesive and discard as this will be the adhesive that was sitting in the nozzle.
  • Dispense a larger amount of adhesive into your glue ring or jade stone. This will mean it takes longer to go gloopy or ‘off’ but also the more you are opening the bottle, the more you are exposing that adhesive to the elements which will cause it to go off sooner.
  • Refresh your glue more often if it’s starting to change consistency so it stays fresh and workable.
  • Dip further into adhesive for larger bonding base on the lash.
  • Use a tiny ball of adhesive then shimmy/slide the extension onto the natural lash to disperse it.
  • Don’t brush too often, as the bond will be soft so if you disturb it that will leave you with a weakened bond.
  • I have found on very hot days my adhesive has occasionally poured out stringy, this is because of the heat and I’ve found it’s still perfectly usable if following the tips above with no retention issues.


  1. Storage


Storing adhesive properly is so important to get the most out of it.

  • Ideally store your adhesive in an airtight jar with moisture absorbing beads or rice. Your beads/rice must be replaced regularly as they can only absorb a certain amount of moisture.
  • Be sure to store your adhesive in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.
  • Don’t leave your adhesive in your beauty room/ car between appointments or anywhere it will be exposed to fluctuations in temperature.
  • Think about your instructions for delivery if you’re not expecting to be home, don’t leave in outbuildings or sheds as they can get extremely hot.
  • Keep a spare adhesive incase the one you are using suddenly goes off, it can happen and you don’t want to be stuck without any.
  • Keep your nozzle clean so the lid doesn’t become clogged, you need to be able to close your adhesive properly between uses.

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July 03, 2018 — Britta Krueger

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