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With beauty, the focus can very much be on the treatment itself, and the final results, but any good therapist should know that the success of a treatment extends far beyond this.

After a lash treatment, your client is bound to be pleased when they look in the mirror, but will they be just as ecstatic a few days down the line when they have slept, showed and even cried through those lashes?

Providing aftercare advice is always a good idea, but how many times do you think your clients actually follow or remember it? That is why Flirties have put together an incredible Lash Aftercare Pack, to make it much easier for clients to keep their lashes looking luscious for longer.

The pack includes and oil free make-up remover, lash and brow cleanser sachet, foaming bottle, mascara wand and lash cleanser brush. This can be retailed to the client as the perfect way to look after lashes between infills, and top-up sachets can also be retailed if they run out.

Not only will you have even happier customers, but your tills will be ringing with the sound of easy retail sales! Get yours here.



February 08, 2018 — Louisa Fryatt

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