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Due to the pandemic with its consequential lockdown there has been a lot of uncertainties around the subject of patch testing. 

We have shared some guidelines from the GUILD of Beauty therapists but we also wanted to point out some of the things to look out for. 

We recommend to patch test all new clients and those who have not been for an appointment for 6 months or longer but we also recommend to do a consultation with your client in order to find out if there have been any changes with regards to medication, sensitivity or allergies. 

You want to cover these questions in a quick consultation to ensure that the treatment is still suitable for your client. This also gives you the opportunity to assess your clients lashes/nails/brows etc and make notes of desired treatment outcome and any concerns your client might have. 

These few minutes can be vital to your treatment and a lot of insurances require a consultation and patch test prior to the appointment. 

Due to Covid we now have some other questions to consider: 
Has your client tested positive for Covid? or
Has your client had the first or both doses of Covid vaccination?

You need to check with your insurance if they class this as change in medical history as this might change your requirement for patch testing depending on your policy. 

A lot of insurances state that you are covered if you act according to manufacturers guidelines, some will require a patch test for each client and some might even state that you have to patch test before each treatment so it is very important to check with your insurance what their policy is and whether they have any restrictions or special stipulations. Please get this in writing to ensure that you are covered if something should happen (hopefully not). 

Recently we have seen more and more therapists trying to send out products for patch test or home kits to clients. Please see the guidelines by the guild and check with your insurance as it is very likely that you will not be covered for this and that the patch test has to be undertaken in the salon (by you) so make sure you check this before you send any products to clients. 

April 15, 2021 — Britta Krueger

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