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A post-lockdown interview with Britta Krueger - Founder and Owner of Flirties Products & Training, one of the most reputable training providers and supplier of high-end beauty products for the professional sector on business and bouncing back.


Can you recap your view about the last year?

The last year has certainly been an experience for all of us and one that we will probably not forget for as long as we live. Whilst we all want to move forward to more positive times, we should still look back and learn from our experience so that we can make adjustments to our business to try and protect ourselves as much as possible from anything like this happening in the future, or at least try and maintain a minimum income stream. 


What do you think has been most detrimental for beauty business owners?

With the restrictions in place and salons/therapists not being able to offer treatments to clients it is obvious that those who have solely relied on treatments have suffered the most. 


What kind of changes could salons make changes to get through this difficult time? 

Even though there is no way around the restrictions and no business would go unscathed, there is still an opportunity for those who have tweaked their business to be a bit more retail friendly and those who have offered their clients options to maintain, remove or substitute treatments at home. 


Can you elaborate on this?

Take nail enhancements for example. Clients could not come for their regular infill appointments and letting enhancements grow out can damage the nails and be very uncomfortable. Flirties and other suppliers have offered home removal kits which the therapist could sell to their clients. Not only did this offer an opportunity to show clients care and consideration but it also offered income while treatments themselves were restricted. 


Does this only apply to nails or are there any other opportunities for salons?

There are plenty of options for salons and therapists to keep their head above water and home removal kits was just one example. You will find that lash clients who couldn’t wear their lash extensions were more open to the idea of using a lash growth serum, mascara or even eyeliner to keep their lashes healthy and looking good ready for their next appointment when the restrictions are lifted. 



What if therapists feel they don’t want to do a hard sell?

This has been an argument which we have heard for many years, but retailing doesn’t have to be a hard sell. As a professional you are recommending products for your clients to use at home. It doesn’t matter whether this is aftercare, prep or any other product to compliment the treatment or outcome. If you can ensure that your clients are using appropriate products, then you know that the treatment will provide a reliable outcome and your clients will feel as though they are in good hands knowing that the products won’t cause problems during the treatment.


What products could cause problems? 

Well, let’s be honest, everyone should be using a makeup remover and clean their face or eyes of makeup. If clients use a product you recommend, then you know this won’t cause problems with retention or lashes not lasting or clumping together. If clients buy random products you have no way of knowing how this will affect the treatment or whether those products are actually safe and legal to use. This is why retailing products to your clients helps in many ways as you can ensure good quality, safe products and it also makes your business a reputable one. 


Would you recommend retailing as an emergency solution for restrictions?

No, retailing should be a set part of any business. If you offer treatments to your clients, you are tied with a fixed schedule and there are only so many hours in a day and only so many clients you can take each day, but retailing can continue earning you money in the background without spending too much time on it. There are also other options to help you keep your business afloat. Look at affiliate options or referral schemes that can also help you earn extra money without much effort. 


How would those affiliate schemes work? 

There are many different options available, but I can only speak for our affiliate scheme where you sign up and share your unique code. Your followers get a 10% discount and you earn 10% commission on any sale. This might not sound much but if you consider that this includes all orders whether it be single products, starter kits or even Glamcor lights, it only takes a few seconds to recommend products on social media or forums when someone is looking for advice and it can help you enormously!



Is this just suitable for salons? 

No, not at all, it is actually suitable for anyone wanting to earn a bit extra. No matter if you are self-employed, a salon owner or even mobile, the opportunity would suit a whole range of therapists. Having said that, it isn’t exclusive to the beauty sector either and if you are thrifty and want to earn an extra income there is nothing stopping you doing that.


This sounds like there are quite a few options for salon owners and therapists, can you tell us more?

Yes definitely, we have a full scheme in place to help our customers as much as possible and I am sure other suppliers will have similar options. If you tweak your business to include savings from loyalty scheme, become an affiliate and retail (either directly or through getting the products drop shipped) then you can build a stronger foundation to help your business through tough times and whilst it doesn’t have to replace all your treatments it can certainly help and keep your afloat.

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